Lats Workouts

Some best lats workout for you

While you are planning for a workout schedule for your body, you should give special time for the workouts of your back muscles to develop a strong back. If you are doing lat exercises in a perfect way, then it will be the cornerstone in terms of developing a strong and attractive physique. The best lats workout is proved to affect the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is the largest and most powerful in the category of back muscles. When you stand in front of a mirror, you will notice that your back muscles make up your one third of the body muscle mass. Any type of exercise or workout you do, it has some effect at your lat muscles as well but still you need to do some workout especially for lat muscles to develop it completely. Here are some of the best lats workouts which you can do every week –

  • Lying Barbell pull over – The exercise is very much effective in targeting the muscles of your lats, chests as well as triceps. If you are a beginner in body building workout, then this will be a good starting exercise for you. With this exercise, you can build strength in your back, chest and arms before trying for any more exercise, which can be challenging for you because they will require more strength. You have to lie on a bench and hold a bar directly above the chest level with arms straight. Make sure you have a free space behind you, so that you can move your arms behind your head while lying freely. By breathing in deeply, start lowering the bar behind your head. Your arms should be extended. Hold the position for few seconds and start raising the bar back to its position above the chest slowly. This will be your one rep and repeat it few more times.

  • Alternating Bent over Row with Dumbbells – This is one of the effective exercises which will help you in developing great lats. In this exercise, you have to bend at the waist and perform a row. As the lats muscle cover a vast area of lower and mid back muscles and these muscles are responsible for creating muscle power when you do some kind of pulling. You have to stand with dumbbell in both the hands and bend your body at the level of waist at 45 degrees. The shoulder blades should be contracted together. To contract the lats effectively, try to pull the dumbbells back towards your chest. Get back to the start position by lowering your arms.

  • Straight Arm Cable Pullover – This exercise is effective in targeting the major muscles in the back with triceps and chest. You will require good core strength to perform the exercise. You need a pull down cable machine for this exercise. Stand in front of the machine with a straight bar. With your palms down, hold the bar with an overhand grip by extending your arms out straight. The bar should be pulled down to the thigh level from your shoulder level. In the whole process, your arms should be straight. Before returning back to the start position, pause for few seconds.

  • Wide grip cable lat pull down – This exercise is best for building lat muscles as well as your biceps. At the pull down machine, adjust the height of the seat and the knee pads to that you can attain a correct position according to your body height. With wide overhand grip, hold the bar. Make your shoulders more wide than the real shoulder width. Make your arms extended and sit on the adjusted seat. Now you have to adjust yourself in a way, so that your chest is placed directly under the cable pulley, and in that case you have to lean back slightly. Your back should be totally straight. By breathing in, pull the bar down towards the chest level. Your forearms should be vertical. With a pause of few seconds, return the cable to the start position by breathing out slowly. Make sure that you always pull the bar down to the front, and not behind the head. Pulling the bar behind the head can cause shoulder muscle damage.

These are the best lats workouts which you can try while doing your workout for a better developed and strong back muscles.