Chest Workouts

Chest Muscles Workout

The chest is an essential part of the body and it feels good when one’s chest is well packed. Strong chest muscles also help a great deal in preventing internal injuries to the ribs and other internal organs. Below is a guide on how to carry out chest muscles workout.

Chest Exercises

When you subject your chest to a series of workouts in such a way that signals your body to grow and adapt, it definitely will. This growth can be accomplished by doing various resistance training exercises targeting the entire chest area. These exercises are discussed below:

Push Ups: – It is more or less like the bench press but here you vary the angle and the arm width so as to concentrate more on the chest and also to hit different regions of your chest muscle. You should use a vest or a weighted backpack for extra challenge.

Bench Press: – The average bench press consists of three modes namely flat, incline and decline. Each style targets a particular area of the chest.

Dip and Flys: – Here, you find a set of dip bars which you use to hoist yourself up and then lower yourself down until your elbows are at about 90 degrees angle. You should the push back up again and repeat this for a couple of times. Unlike bench press and push-ups whereby it is more of up and down movement, flys use the joint of your shoulder as the swivel point and so the weight is moved towards the center of the chest.

Maximum Intensity

The human body is a remarkably intelligent and well-organized machine. Therefore, it rarely wastes resources. Actually, it struggles to allocate its maintenance, repair and growth resources to the sections most important to its main functions. Simply, if you would like your body to prioritize the growth of your chest, you should be prepared to push its muscles to the limit. The only way to attain that limit is by attaining maximum intensity.

Maximum intensity is attained when you work out up to the point that your muscles fail and you can no longer work out. This makes your chest feel like it is under a withering attack and the body responds by marshaling extra resources towards the chest to help it grow stronger in the wave of the next work out.

Achieving maximum intensity

  • Lift the weights with a spotter: – With a spotter above you, you do not have to worry about being stuck with a heavily loaded barbell on your chest. You can lift the weights without holding anything back and this way you can push your muscles to exhaustion. Your spotter can also help you in your work out by giving you some words of encouragement.
  • Listen to good music: – If there is a certain genre of music that stirs up your emotions, then it would be very helpful during your workout. A favorite beat and good lyrics can help you greatly especially towards the end of your work out when your muscles are failing you.
  • Get enough rest: – Muscle growth does not happen on the gym. The work outs are only meant to stimulate this growth and when this is successfully achieved, the next thing to do is give your body enough time to rest and recover. If you adopt the habit of consistent training with little or no rest, then you will be subjecting your chest to over training which will not give you meaningful gains. You actually start becoming weaker and you can be easily injured in the process.

Nutritional Protocol

If you perform all these work outs without proper nutrition, your chest will not attain the desired shape. Apart from stimulation and sufficient rest, the body will need the proper nutrient to help it recover and build more muscles. Below is a breakdown of what you should consume in order to build a strong and chiseled chest:


This is very important for muscle building because it activates protein synthesis. Conventionally, one should take about one gram of protein per every pound of body weight each day. This will help in providing the body with building blocks it requires to develop new muscle tissues and repair the broken tissues. Some good sources of muscle building protein are: Turkey, lean beef, chicken, beans, fish, nuts, dairy products and protein powder.


These are responsible for supplying the body with energy. This energy is necessary in fueling the intense chest workout. You should aim for complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal instead of simple carbohydrates like white flour and white rice which will leave you sluggish and in no position of attaining the required energy and intensity to work out your chest muscles to exhaustion.


Use Omega 3 fats because they are very essential to muscle building and heart health. This nutrient can be obtained from olive oil, fish and avocados.


Once you stimulate your chest muscles through workouts, consume essential nutrients and have sufficient rest, you will in no doubt attain a well-built natural chest. This chest muscles workout procedure works for both men and women although it does not have to be very intense for women due to their build and womanly roles.