Best Exercise For Upper Inner Chest For Fast Gains

Sometimes, people want to focus on a single area when working out. While this is not the most effective way, there are techniques that will get a certain area more toned than others. If you want to tone your chest, you will have to go through many hardships and trials, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Upper Inner Chest Workouts

Upper inner chest workouts have always been well liked among bodybuilders along with other styles of weight lifters. However upper chest work outs are equally as necessary for sculpting the muscles and providing that hard pec, full broad chest look.

Users who wouldn’t like to build muscle but who simply want to get more toned and also have an even better defined chest often disregard the upper chest and concentrate too much on the lower chest, this is the wrong approach to go about it, this will not provide you that full broad defined chest, it’ll just make the lower chest appear droopy. So always make certain you use upper chest workouts if you are training.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

The first thing you are going to need to do is really isolate your upper inner chest area and pre exhaust with an easy to use technique. You are basically going to do the exact opposite of what you see a lot of guys in the gym are doing which is just going straight to the bench press and warming up with a plate then immediately start their working sets.

This is the dumbest thing you can do if your total focus is on just building up your pecs. So what you’re going to do is warm up not on the bench press but on the chest fly machine.

By warming up on the chest fly machine for 3 sets of 15 and squeezing at the top of each rep, you are pre exhausting your upper chest and taking the triceps and shoulders out of the movement. So now once you are warmed up and the area is pumped full of blood, you will then proceed with your first chest exercise.

Since your pecs are already somewhat fatigued, they will be forced to work harder during the movements as opposed to your triceps and delts just taking over.This is a great exercise for getting perfect definition in the chest area.

The form for this workout is to bring the bar down straight as opposed to the slightly curvy motion you would undertake with a flat barbell bench press, if you do this curvy motion for an incline bench it’s likely you’ll hurt the shoulders during this process.

For anyone who is attempting to gain huge muscles with these upper inner chest workouts in which case you ought to go full-scale on the weight, be sure to use a spotter on hand so you don’t cause any sort of accident.

If, however, you are merely wanting for some extra definition without bulking up a good deal then you should put a weight up which you could do 10-12 reps.

So the once you’ve done this, the exercise inner chest you are going to do is steep incline smith machine presses. The reason why I want you to do these at a steep incline is to really hit the upper fibers of your pecs and torch the area in and around your collarbone.

This will give you a nice thick looking appearance from the front and the sides. Go for 4 sets of 10 repetitions.

Now a cool little trick you can do with this exercise is as you lower the weight, try to squeeze the bar inwards. By doing this, you will be activating your chest a lot more as compared to just trying to lift the weight. Remember in bodybuilding, you are not just trying to lift the weight any way possible, you need to recruit the correct muscles in order to complete the movement

Cable Crossovers

One more excellent upper inner chest exercise or workout, go up to the cable station and really have the chest pumping. When you are performing cable crossovers you are going to want your arms to cross slightly after which only go halfway back to the starting position, this will ensure maximum tension for this workout.

This exercise that you are going to do is chest flies. The reason why I like these is because of the continuous tension that you’re going to get from doing the flies with a cable instead of just regular dumbbells.

Regular dumbbells are great but when it comes to fly’s they stink because the tension is only at the bottom portion of the movement so the upper chest is not recruited fully.

Plus with doing this exercise on the cable, you can get an extreme contraction at the top and a deep range of motion/starting point at the bottom. Remember, the more the muscle can stretch and then contract the more muscle fibers that will be recruited so this is a perfect exercise to get all of that done. I would go for 3 sets of 12 reps squeezing at the top of the contraction for 2 seconds then slowly lowering.

Incline Dumbbell Press

inner chest workout with dumbbells

The last exercise is going to be incline dumbbell presses. The reason why I put these last is because with this exercise, the shoulders and triceps tend to take over a lot of the movement for the majority of people. So since your pecs are fully thrashed and fatigued from the previous 3 exercises, you won’t have to worry about your triceps and deltoids taking over the movement and removing the work from your chest.

So for this exercise, I would shoot for around 3-4 sets of 8 reps.Kind of like before however right now we’re using dumbbells. For this exercise your form ought to be the same as before however, you must be performing extra reps per set.

Other kind of exercises that one can work on to improve inner upper chest include:


Push ups are another kind of exercise that works the upper inner chest and won’t require you to join a gym. They will also effective on the arms and shoulders, which is excellent if you’re working on a full body routine.

Using Dumbbell Flys

Dumbbell flys work the upper chest in a different way, since there are slightly different motions involved. Instead of a person pushing the weights over your head, the dumbbells should be lifted slowly from your sides as you lie on your stomach. When the lift is at its peak, the dumbbells should be a few inches apart from one another.

Overhead Press

Another common and extremely effective workout for your upper inner chest is called overhead press. The overhead press entails sitting in a chair workout bench, with dumbbells in each hand.

Sitting straight up with both of your arms at shoulder height and with your forearms above your head, you extend your arms up and hold the position for a few moments, then bend your elbows back down to shoulder height.

The krutz of building a solid chest with definition and size is through lots of pressing movements. Pressing movements such as heavy barbell presses, dumbbell press, and wide-grip dips are crucial for thick chest development. These exercises focus specifically on the chest core thereby giving you the best way to build your inner chest.

Tips To Best Exercise

Remember, these are a number of exercises to get you thinking of training your upper inner chest. Just as long as you remember the fact that flat bench presses along with other lower chest exercises will not likely ensure you get that full broad chest look, for that you have to be doing upper chest workouts as well!

Also these work outs are really exercises which are carried out in the gym, if you cannot do these for any reason you need to check out these Chest Workouts

There are so many awesome upper chest workouts that you can do that one can be go through what I like to call information overload. Information overload is just basically when you are bombarded with so much info that you become confused and don’t know where to start.

Because of this, you just mentally shut down which inevitability delays progress in whatever it is you want to do.

So what I’m going to do is give you some really great techniques to be able to recruit your upper pecs some more so you don’t have that droopy look to your chest and some awesome chest exercises to really bring up that lagging area.

To really shred those chest muscles using weights you will need to focus on 2 different motions, a press and a fly. Most will disagree because it seems the bench press gives you more bang for you buck but in reality alone it does not. It works other muscles like shoulder and arms too so you are basically only receiving a 60% chest workout.

The rest is shared with the arms and shoulders. Your chest has to be shocked just like any other muscle to grow. Certain exercises work best than others but barbell presses are the best. If you overload and use heavy weights, you will see massive gains.

When you start your workout, don’t be afraid to work out lightly. Your body needs time to warm up and get in shape. This can take a few weeks to a few months, but it will be worth it in the end when you have a beautiful chest.Besides the exercises listed above, there are plenty for you to do.

You can do several things to get an effective chest workout, while many of them can be quite tiring, they’ll be well worth it in the end. Stick to regular regime and you will be able to get the end effects that you want.A lot of folks have a tough time deciding what makes up a proper exercise routine that will build muscle, because there are so many various workouts that other people will say are effective.

Each muscle group in your body has a workout that is best for building its muscles quickly. These upper chest exercises can be brought together for a proper, effective routine.

Prior to lifting weights, you must make sure you’ve stretched out your body. It won’t do any good to exercise if you damage your muscles during your workout, because your body will be busy fixing the muscle, instead of building it. You should also stretch out after your routine to help your body’s muscle relax after being constricted.

One of the upper chest exercises that does a good job of building muscle is the bench press. Bench presses are a good choice because they don’t require a person to belong to a gym if they have the right equipment at home.

The right equipment for a bench press is a weight lifting bench and some dumbbells. People will want dumbbells instead of a barbell because it allows for more flexibility. The act of doing a bench press is easy. A person just lies on their back and slowly lifts the weights over their head and holds for a few seconds.

Bringing the dumbbells together as the arms are extended increases its muscle building power.The most basic chest workout technique that you can do, which is commonly done in even the simplest of gym classes, is a push up. Push ups are commonly known to work out the arms, but what is somewhat of a hidden tidbit of information is the fact that push ups also work to tone the chest.

They are great for putting you on the right track toward tougher chest exercises.


For most gym goers looking to increase their chest size they make the most common mistakes. They overwork themselves doing lots of bench presses not realizing there are other exercises needed to target those chest muscles effectively. Inexperienced gym goers think an inordinate amount of bench presses and cable crossovers will give them a strong and powerful looking chest. Those exercises are simply not enough if you are searching for huge pecs.

All in all, this is a great and easy to follow upper chest workout that you’ll be able to complete in any gym.

Just remember to pre-exhaust the muscle first before you do anything so your chest has to work that much harder for all the exercises. If you do this, I guarantee your upper chest will grow.Whatever you do, make sure you do not put too much strain on your body.

The human body has limits and if you push your limits too much too soon then you can end up seriously injuring yourself, which will set your exercise back by a lot.