Abs Workouts

Some best abs workout of all times

It is seen that almost all the athletes have good abs and a fit healthy and good shaped body. Obviously the reason is that they are always running, playing or doing exercises which helps them in maintain these shapes of the body. But this is not the end. The athletes know the perfect workouts for each body part and they do them wisely. Not only the athletes, a body builder, any types of sportsman, and fitness addict always perform their routines very perfectly, i.e. the way it should be. To train your abs muscle core effectively, just you need to keep one thing in mind that effective abs building happens in the workout of three planes of motion – sagittal, transerve and frontal. If you are really on your way to develop good abs, then here are some of the best abs workouts of all times, which will help you in guiding the process in a simple way.

  • 1. Abs wheel rollout – You need ab wheel for the exercise. You have to kneel on the floor with holding an ab wheel. With bracing your abs, you have to roll the wheel forward until you feel a great tension in your core abs and hips. Hold the position for a while and start rolling back in the starting position. Do as many reps with 3-4 sets as per you comfort ability.

  • 2. Arms high partial sit up – You have to lie on your back. Your knees should be bent 90 degrees. Your arms should be raised straight overhead. While doing the exercise, you have to keep them pointing upwards. The thing which you will have to do is you have to sit up a halfway and again return to the floor. This will create a tension in your back muscles as well as is very much effective in building ab muscles.

  • 3. Barbell Russian Twist – Hold the barbell at a near end with both the hands. Your posture should be straight with your feet at your shoulder width. Start swinging the bar to you left as much as you can and then again swing it to the right. Do as much as you can with 3-4 set a day.

  • 4. Swiss Ball Crunch – You have to lie down on an exercise ball with feet on the floor. You lower back should be supported by the ball. Your hands should be behind your ear and chin should be tucked. Start curling your body up off the ball till you totally sit up. Again get back to the starting position.

  • 5. Dip/leg Raise Combo –– This exercise is done over the parallel bars. You will have to suspend yourself at a dip station over these bars. Start bending your knees slightly and raise your legs till it gets high up to your abdominal level and are parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 2-3 seconds and get back to the starting position.

  • 6. Flutter Kick - Your posture should be lying down on your back. Your legs will be straight and the arms should be extended at your sides. Try to lift the heels about six inches, and from that position try to move your feet up and down. It should look like you are kicking your feet in the air with a scissor like motion.

  • 6. Leg Raise - Just lie on the floor and hold the legs of a heavy chair or bench for a support, behind your head. Keeping your legs straight, try to raise them up straight still they are vertical. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds and lower the leg down. Now this time, don’t touch the feet back to floor as it was in the starting position. And keeping a distance between your feet and floor, again raise the leg. This will keep a tension in your abs, which is really effective.

Try these best abs workouts , which will help you in getting 4 pack, 6 pack or even 8 pack abs in your body. You just need an effective workout routine at a regular basis and you can see the results very soon. Your abdominal muscles get develop very quickly with these exercises.