4 Way Neck Machine Workout Done Like A PRO

Importance of Neck workout

Neck workouts are often ignored by us as maximum number of people is only focused on biceps and triceps or chests. But the neck musculature is important as well if you are interested in staying fit and healthy from every aspects of the body. Possessing a strong neck is something that is important.

Neck is the region, which acts as the conduit from our brain to the rest of the body and there is not much muscular region which can protect this region completely in a mannered way.

Therefore, building neck muscles is a way to fortify this area to be protected and serve better function. Specially building neck muscles is more important for those who are into the sports or combat, wrestling etc.

Advantages of Strong Neck

There are lots of reasons which make the point perfect that people do not give important to neck muscle building or neck exercises. The reasons can be such as it is not judged in the body building competition, no need to strengthening neck, or doesn’t come in to the routine while a fitness planning.

But there are many advantages of having strong neck which we might not know till now. Damaged neck muscles can lead to affected nerve impulses resulting in not proper nervous system working.

So, developing good neck muscles can improve the nervous systems as well. Now, another point is that neck muscle building is also having link with the respiratory system as well. It has a direct impact on the respiratory system and good neck muscle building can improve the breathing quality.

4 way neck machine workout

The 4 way neck machine workout is the most effective and fastest workout to be done for better muscle building and strengthening of your neck muscles. You can flex your neck from all the four side. In the 4 way neck machine workout, you will have to push your neck toward the pushing area, which will contain some dumbbell loads.

You can move and exercise your neck at front, back and both the sides. You can do this 3 sets with 10-12 reps each. There are mainly 4 movements involved in the 4 way neck machine workout which are machine flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation.

Machine flexion means your chin should be attached to the chest. Extension means chin should be away from the chest. Lateral flexion is the movement of your neck from side to side or simply ear to shoulder.

Rotation for the neck means moving your neck clockwise, and your eyes should be looking to the left and right.

In Conclusion

Having a great neck muscle also prevents out neck from other normal life problems such as a stiff neck while waking up in the morning or a back pain with the neck pain. Therefore, training the body to build a strong neck muscle is something, which a person should do, especially if he is a sportsman.

A prevention which everyone should take while doing a 4 way neck machine workout or any other neck workout, is that try not to lift the weight with pressure on your neck that exceeds your physical limits.

This is because neck injuries are one of the worst injuries in the whole body. It is the most inconvenience and pain giving injury, if it has happened. Neck injuries take a long time to get healed as well; therefore you have to do the workouts at a safe zone without any risks.

Training the neck muscle will be a best option as the strength will remain as it is after workout and regular repeat of the exercise. If you are new to the workouts of neck, start slowly.

Never start with high number of sets and reps at once at the time of beginning. This will be a mistake, which can lead you to an injury, which is worst and has been said above.

Start slowly by just doing stretching exercises at your neck. Within 1-2 weeks, you can slowly start the workout and gradually increase the reps and sets as per your comfort ability.

You should also know that if you are doing workouts to build your traps muscle that will also affect the neck muscle as well.

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