Weight Loss

Are you a little too overweight? Is obesity killing your confidence to show up in the public? Want to stop those ogling and critical eyes at your jiggly and bulging curves in a swimsuit? Drop everything and go for a weight loss regimen now. After all, what could make you feel and look better than a reduced and reshaped you.

But the story does not end here.

Did you know with a few extra kilos around your jaw or zip line you could hugely risk yourself to a number of life threatening diereses? And this is 100% true. In fact, with the growing rate of overweight people all around the world, obesity is now an epidemic that is striking the planet with an anti-wellness drive more than anything else.

So, what’s next?

Looks like only a combination of a comprehensive weight loss program and a balanced diet from your nutritionist could save you from a short length life. Bet, you will not burn holes in your pocket.

However, before giving your weight loss a kick start, let’s take a look at why and how a weight loss can benefit your overall wellness goal. Stay tuned.

Why losing weight is important:

While a few extra hours of gaming or discounted shopping could cheer you up every weekend, an extra set of kilos could do just the opposite to you. It could make you lethargic, moody, cranky, and ugly besides unarming you of your natural immunity against several diseases.

This is where losing weight can improve your health, mind and overall living like no other. But just like there is no get-rich-quick scheme in reality, similarly don’t get trapped with a magic weight loss regimen that promises you an irrational weight loss of 10 pounds in a week with miracle pills, tone down shakes or anything of that sort.

Pooh, they are just another gimmick.

Remember the saying “slow and steady wins the race”? The best way to lose weight is to take an organized approach towards a weight loss management strategy that targets all the staple factors behind your weight gain right off the bat. But remember, it will take time.

So, finding the hidden reason of your weight gain can help you put the last piece of the puzzle in place.

What causes a weight gain:

Did you know you could gain weight faster than you lose? Yes, it’s true. And there is not one reason that can be blamed alone for your extra weight, it’s many. While many are overweight for a genetic issue today, some can blame their obesity to their sedentary lifestyle while others to some serious hormonal imbalance or disease.

Well, there can be a dozen of other reasons too for your uncontrolled weight gain. Let’s give them a look one by one…

1> Low activity level or no exercise

2> Deprived sleep

3> Less frequent eating

4> Outside junk foods

5> Poor metabolism

6> Addiction to liquor

7> Diseases like Thyroids and many more

8> Emotional eating

9> Crash diets

10> Unhealthy eating habits at home

And the list is endless.

Recently new studies and researches have shed light on the fact that overweight and obesity need to be dealt with a quality medical attention like any other disease. For this a combination method can work the best depending on the age, health, metabolism and weight of the patient.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity and overweight kill more people every year worldwide than underweight.

The diseases caused by overweight include Diabetes, Stroke, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Osteoarthritis, Coronary heart ailments, respiratory problems, and even some types of Cancers and depression.
Fear not, let’s find out ways to fight off with those unwanted layers in your body.

Time for an action.
Actionable insights to a successful weight loss:

No trick or treat could gift you a petite figure this Halloween, but a healthy weight loss plan can. First diagnose your weight and the reason/s behind it. Once you are through with it, set an action plan that offers the following…

1> Motivation and a clear perception

2> Accurate body work out combination like cardio, aerobics, muscle training and more

3> A recommended eating plan that includes all the key nutrients to keep you healthy, nurtured and fit

4> A clear perception of concepts like Body mass index (BMI), Basal metabolic rate (BMR), Body fat percentage, calorie counts and more

5> An ideal weight

While, the diagnosis is easier, achieving an ideal weight might not be. The intricacies of a weight loss strategy sometimes make it very complex to follow and maintain over a certain period of time. But if you stay motivated and goal oriented, nothing could stop you from shedding those extra pounds in just a matter of a few months.


Remember, you gained weight over years, so it will take the working beast out of you before leaving you finally.

The know-how of weight loss:

A recommended weight loss program doesn’t always promise to bring you the best result and can hugely vary from man to man or gender to gender. This is why you need a medical diagnosis first for a prescribed weight loss recommendation process that will be result driven and achievable.

However, the following ways are the tried and tested method of weight management that anyone can follow…

1> A combination of workouts like swimming, jogging, yoga, stretching, muscle training and aerobics

2> A proper balanced diet full of nutritious foods

3> Lifestyle change

4> Proportional and frequent eating

5> Drinking plenty of water

6> A minimum of 8 hrs sleep

7> Positive thoughts and vibes

8> Daily household chores

9> No alcohol

10> Staying away from pills or other weight loss gimmicks.

In a nutshell, weight management is now a prime issue for both the Millennials and the baby boomers, no matter what sequence of priorities is exactly driving them to their fitness goal. From social media to medical logs, weight management is now the talk of the hour, which is raising a major concern in a generation that believes in a superb blend of wellness with a fast paced living.