Best Bluetooth Sport Headphones Under $50


Music can be very helpful for you during workouts and sport practice. That is why most gyms and sports clubs have music systems to motivate their customers. However, music can also distract people while working out if they don’t like the genre.

The best solution for listening to your favorite music while playing sports or working out is via Bluetooth sport headphones.

Without any hassle of wires, these headphones also isolate external sounds to give a comfortable experience. Today, a number of companies are offering affordable headphones to customers but any of them offer unreliable devices which can also damage hearing on extended use.

Although you can’t get the quality of $200 Bluetooth headphones for $50, you can certainly expect them to be safe and work well. After reviewing a large number of brands and models, experts have selected the best Bluetooth headphones below $50 based on their quality, performance, features and safety. The products on the list are alphabetically arranged and not ranked.

1. Anker SoundBuds Slim+

This is a great product by Anker and has been reviewed favorably by critics with a rating of 4.1 stars on Amazon. While being priced at just $30, the SoundBuds Slim+ is the latest model by Anker after its highly successful SoundBuds Slim and SoundBuds which are also available on Amazon for $26 and $24 respectively.

Despite being inexpensive, the SoundBuds have been known among Bluetooth sport headphones for their decent sound quality and tough build. The SoundBuds Slim+ is even better designed and does not look or feel cheap at all. It fits well into the ear and also comes with a carrying pouch
for convenience. Although a few complaints have come over the unsteady bass and harsh treble at full volume, the headphones perform well when operated at normal volumes.

2. Altec Lansing Waterproof in Ear Earbuds

Over time, Altec has grown and improved the quality of its affordable products. These sport Bluetooth headphones by Altec cost less than $30 and offer great sound quality to the user along with style. These earphones feature a distortion free sound with strong bass.

Offering a rugged and waterproof design, these earphones are ideal for gym and normal sports. A few users have complained about the earphones being less comfortable for long usage and average sound quality but these are completely acceptable for given the price range.

3. Jam Comfort Buds

Priced just below $50, this is a complete package if you are looking to use them everywhere. With a sweat resistant design, these headphones look simple yet elegant making them a great option for being used at the gym as well as office. They also feature volume control and navigation buttons along with a microphone for added functionality.

Users don’t need to charge these headphones frequently as they come with a 10 hour battery life and automatically shut off when inactive for two minutes. Featuring decent bass and good sound quality, the only downside to Comfort Buds is the far positioning of microphone.

4. Phaiser BHS 730

For people who work out for long durations, Phaiser BHS 730 is the best Bluetooth sports headphone under $50. While being extremely
lightweight in nature, these headphones are also very comfortable and can be easily worn over long periods without stressing the ears. Customers get 6 pairs of silicone ear-tips and 3 different sizes of ear wings to adjust the headphones for a perfect fit.

These headphones feature a durable and sweat proof design and come with a battery life of 5 hours. While they have decent sound quality and
isolation, it cannot be compared to that of high-end earphones. Overall, these earphones offer a great value for money and are ideal for carrying around in the hard zipper case which comes with the package.

5. Skullcandy Jib Wireless

Almost every music lover has come across Skullcandy headphones once in their life. Famous for making high quality and reliable headphones, these Bluetooth sports headphones are the most affordable offering of Skullcandy. Despite being priced at just $35, these headphones do not
compromise on quality and deliver a punching bass to the user along with amazing high notes as well.

Although these headphones are a great choice for bass lovers, a few people may not prefer them due to their slightly inaccurate frequency response or absence of inline controls for volume. Overall, given the price and quality, these are a great choice for everyone.

6. Sony MDR XB50BS Sport Headphones

Sony’s XB or Extra Bass series has already garnered a massive number of fans due to their pumping bass and affordable pricing. This is another great offering from Sony which is definitely good news for people looking for reliable Bluetooth sport headphones. Despite being priced below
$50, these headphones offer the same sound quality for which Sony is famous among customers.

Featuring IPX4 water resistance, these headphones remain safe against accidental splashes and sweat. They come with a sleek design and provide playback of up to 8.5 hours once fully charged. While they do not look very elegant, customers can choose between blue, red or black color while buying them. A few people complain about the relatively low sound quality of XB series but given their functionality and price range, these headphones are easily acceptable. Also coming with NFC pairing, these headphones can be connected to smartphones with a single touch allowing users to switch between devices easily.

7. Vava Moov 28

Priced at nearly $30, these are a great option for daily use with a 9 hour battery life. The headphones come with a good build quality and water resistance. Along with durability, they also offer great comfort as they fit perfectly into the ear.

Featuring aptX technology, these headphones offer better sound quality along with a balanced sound signature. However, they are still budget headphones and cannot be compared to high range models. With IPX6 rating, you can even wash these headphones without worries. Overall, with great durability and good sound, these earphones are a great option.


Depending upon individual requirement and preferences, users can choose from any of the above given Bluetooth sports headphones to match
their needs. Although these are the best headphones below $50, it has been emphasized in the article that customers should not compare their performance to high range models priced over $200.