Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review (hidden survival muscle)

hip flexor muscle example

Hip flexors can be described as a group of muscles that join the thigh bone or femur to the pelvis as well as to the lumbar spine. These muscle groups are responsible for lifting the legs to the level of the upper body.

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In addition, they maintain the strength of both the lower back and the hips. Hip flexors keep the lower back and the hips flexible and properly aligned.

Hip bones tend to be quite strong but are prone to injuries. For instance, sitting for long hours has the potential of exerting stress on the hip flexors and this makes them tight.

Tight hip flexors result in various health issues such as bad posture, blood circulation issues, poor immune system, poor sexual performance, sleeping problems, lower back pains, pain in the leg as well as hips.

Hidden Survival Muscle Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors can be defined as a program that lays emphasis on fixing imperfect hips that have the potential of impairing certain body functions. The hip has a significant impact on most actions of the body i.e. standing, sitting, stepping, bending, walking etc. This is why it is important for people up their hip flexors.

Unlocking the hip flexors facilitates easy mobility and allows a person to enjoy flexibility. This book aims at addressing most of the problems that are associated with having tight hip flexors. It majorly focuses on the Mighty Psoas, a muscle that is commonly used during fitness and workouts. The Psoas is the muscle that is responsible for connecting the spine to the legs.

It functions to flex the hip and stabilize the spine. Unfortunately, it is found deep inside the hip thus making it inaccessible thus difficult to exercise. The Unlock Your Hip Flexors PDF acknowledges that the muscle needs to be loosened up to properly perform its duties and this calls for a series of specific methods.

The program lays emphasis on how the techniques should be done as well as the sequence in which they should be done.

The book recommends the use of the Sequential Flow Method as the ideal way by which to activate the natural healing processes of the human body.


Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal are the authors of this unique program. Mike is a personal trainer and a sports nutritionist. Mr. Westerdal is also a contributor to the Iron Man magazine and contributes to a reputable strength website CriticalBench.com. Mike Westerdal is also popular for muscle building and strength training.

In addition, he has been featured in several weight-training guides e.g. REPS, Muscle & Strength, Monster Muscle etc.

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Rick Kaselj is an Injury Specialist and a Kinesiologist. Rick has featured in close to 352 live presentations in United States and Canada to over 8152 health professionals. In fact, Rick is quite popular for the flow technique. It is a technique that many sports personalities have been able to benefit from


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is mostly based on The Sequential Flow Method that was mentioned earlier. The content of the book is divided into 6 parts or 6 techniques as follows:

PNF Stretching

PNF is the abbreviation for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, a technique that requires one to exercise a specific muscle. The aim of the technique is to cause relaxation of the specific muscles around a joint to reduce the stiffness experienced around it.

Dynamic stretching

This technique involves activating the muscle that is around a specific joint. It is achieved by moving the joint through a full range of motion but in a continuous manner. It is an exercise that increases motion around the joint, warms the muscle that surrounds it and even improves circulation around the joint.

Three-dimensional exercises for core stability

These exercises focus on all muscles located in every area of movement. It is performed to encourage activation in both the abdominal muscles and in the core. The exercises also enhance strength and endurance in every area of movement. This is beneficial to experience reduced stress and damage on the joints.

Mobility exercises

These are exercises that target the body joints. They are characterized by movements that assist the joints to function well, a fact that will make them to commence moving more freely.

Fascia stretching

This is a unique technique in the sense that it targets tissues that surround muscles. The stretching motion functions to lengthen and loosen the fascia.

Muscle activation movements

It is an effective technique when it comes to fixing problems that are as a result of the cutting-edge technology that encourages individuals to sit for long hours.

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Sitting for such lengthy hours makes it difficult for muscles to function as required. The movements in this technique will aid in the activation of those muscles to assist the body to operate well.

All the above techniques are designed to result in twelve different movements, all of which are clearly explained in the book.

The techniques ultimately loosen up as well as relax tight hips.


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD is a beneficial program with the following pros:

  • The exercises in the book are very easy to do because they were designed with the average user in mind. The videos and tutorials are quite easy to follow. In addition, the exercises can be done in just under 15 minutes on a daily basis thus suitable even for people with very busy lifestyles.
  • It is affordable to purchase, this makes accessible to consumers of all financial classes.
  • It contains proven exercises that are created by two professionals in their fields of expertise.
  • It does not require users to buy any tools or equipment to exercise. Furthermore, there is no need to join a gym in order to follow the program. This is because the exercises can be done anywhere.
  • It has a 60-days money back guarantee, this provides an opportunity to people who are unsatisfied with the program to get a full refund of their money.
  • It is written by certified authors who are household names in the fitness industry.
  • It has a great Facebook community. This means that people are happy with the results of the program.


The following are a few cons of the program:

  • It is available only in digital format. The program is downloadable file that can be viewed only via a tablet, smart phone or a computer. This means that people who are not comfortable with digital matters might not benefit from it.
  • It needs a strong commitment. This means that lazy people who are unlikely to follow it through might not benefit from its content.


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is the ideal program for people who are keen on improving their health without necessarily hitting the gym. Get your copy today to get stronger, achieve better balance and lose weight.

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