Ritual Vitamins Review – Is This Hyped Pill Worth It?

ritual vitamins bottle with capsules

Ritual has emerged to be one of the best-selling vitamins for women in recent times, owing to its persistently increasing popularity over the social media. These small transparent vitamin capsules are all over Instagram in each and every hashtag that mentions of women wellness.

The brand- Ritual has been successful in its campaigning as is evident all over the internet.

Ritual was introduced as a start-up in 2015, founded by Kat Schneider, who during her pregnancy realized that the vitamins she had been consuming were infested with chemicals she had been trying to avoid naturally. This made her determined to create a cleaner product that would not harm her bodily functions in any way.

Since its inception, Ritual has launched 2 products, exclusively for women- first, Essential for Women and second, Essential Prenatal.

The products are claimed to be Vegan-Friendly, free from Gluten and Allergen, non-GMO (free of Genetically Modified Organisms) and do not contain any colorants or synthetic fillers. The supplement aims to provide vitamins that normal diets lack, and work towards strengthening hair, and nails and ensuring healthy skin.

The company claims to resolve nutrient shortfalls, which help with immunity and keeping you energetic, along with keeping up Blood and organ health by supporting red blood cells and vital internal organs.

Further claims include maintaining bone integrity by putting the calcium from food to utilize in keeping the body strong and keep the tissue structure healthy. These vitamin supplements contain only 9 ingredients, as opposed to other competitors in the market. It contains mainly the nutrients that your body can’t get enough of from food.

Folate, Omega-3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Iron, Vitamin K12, Boron, Vitamin E, and Magnesium, in various combinations of proportions, make up each capsule of Ritual.

My Review & Experience


I started taking Ritual vitamin supplements around 2 months back, on the recommendation of a friend who had been taking these during her course of pregnancy. She talked all wonders about the product, and I looked up their website and was quite impressed with their claims, of keeping you energetic and overall upkeep of hormonal and bodily functions, following which I subscribed to their $30 plan.

Within the first week of its regular consumption, I felt a whole lot better generally, and could effortlessly involve myself into more tasks that were physically demanding and never felt dizzy throughout the length of the day. I started feeling buoyant and at ease overall as I continued its dosage.

I suffer vision problems and weakness of muscles, the cause of which was interpreted by my physician to be the deficiency of Vitamin E in my system, so there’s no way that I’m going to call off my subscription anytime soon.

First impression

These vitamins have a nice minty taste, and I never felt a fish-like after taste like in most of the other supplements I’ve used.

One of the best things about this vitamin is that it doesn’t need to be taken as per any prescription, like after or before your meals and can be taken at will. Another reason I’ll be sticking with this product is that unlike other vitamin supplements, this one didn’t make me feel nauseous at any time.

I remember when I used to take other multivitamins in the market, I’d feel horrible throughout the day, and at times this itchy feeling in my throat would cloud my state of mind miserably with a constant feeling of sickness and inclination to throw up.

I am very much content with the way it has affected my skin and nails. I’ve never seen my skin so clear in the mirror.

I’ve always had an oily face, and within weeks of commencing its usage, I’ve seen the change. I’ve been complimented about my skin by my friends and colleagues and it feels great when people start noticing. And as for hair, they are growing rapidly.

First effects

After two weeks of taking this supplement, I noticed hair growth on my arms and legs, which is, of course, off-putting considering I want my hair growth to escalate only on my head. It stimulated unwanted body hair growth. I did some research of my own and read on various places that this happens due to your body getting enough of Vitamin B12.

I observed my nails grew faster and they’ve apparently become stronger. Besides all for what this vitamin has been helpful, what I liked about Ritual is the fact that its subscription is inexpensive for 30$ per month only, so that’s comes down to $1 per day.

What’s more, is that you can actually call it off if you don’t feel a difference after consuming it. I observed the product to be working amazingly for me, also for the fact that I didn’t go through any side effects caused by it. It is competitively priced and I would speak favorably of it to anyone who needs advice.

Is it worth it?

People who have used the product have a sort of mixed views on the supplement. For some like me, it has worked wonders, while some do not experience any changes in themselves, positive or negative. A small part of users has been affected adversely by the vitamins.

Users have reported having an outburst of pimples, which is totally contrasting to what I experienced. A handful of customers also complained of severe Migraine at times because these supplements lack B2 Riboflavin, the sources of which include eggs, dairy products and meat, among others.

So people who followed a primarily vegan diet, or dairy-free diet couldn’t get their daily measure of B2, which reasons for the reported Migraine.

It is also passed on that these supplements have helped people lose weight, and that it suppresses cravings. Accounts of people losing about6 to 8 pounds a month have come up over the forums.

A major part of users have found the supplement to be beneficial and the popular stance of consumers would willingly advocate for the use of Ritual.