Penis Dilemma Solved – Penomet vs Hydromax

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There is raging debate about the effectiveness of different penis enlargement products in the market. Two of these products are Penomet and Hydromax. Of course, anytime one seeks a product it is for effective and efficient solution to a given problem.

The only viable approach to establish which of these two products is superior is to compare these gadgets objectively on critical areas and see how each one fairs.

This article makes unbiased comparisons by looking at the following aspects: conditions in which each of the tools can be used, the materials used to make them, ability to monitor progress as one uses the device, comfort of using the pump and the possible results of using each of these gadgets. Let us delve into these issues in order to arrive at a credible conclusion.

Conditions of use

Though Petomet was originally meant to be used in the bathtub for penis enlargement, this device is can still be used effectively as a normal penis pump in cases where water is not readily available. This in itself is a big plus for this pump.

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It is not always the case that water will be available for use in penis enlargement. So, any device that restricts its usage to the availability of water is likely to frustrate the user in cases where this liquid is not present. This is one of the major disadvantages of Hydromax; it can only function in a bathtub or shower. In short, without water, Hydromax becomes obsolete.


Given the function of this device, it is vital that the material used to make it is unbreakable. Penomet’s score on this aspect is very high. The polycarbonate plastics used to make this device are extremely tough making this tool unbreakable.

While hydromax is made of medically safe materials, the strength of this material is not clearly ascertained. At least users need a guarantee about the quality of the gadget they intend to use.

Nothing can be more satisfying than being able to measure and monitor the progress that one is making in penis enlargement. All Penomet pumps come with an important measurement scale which allows the user to track the progress made in both inches and centimeters.

Though some models of hyromax have this feature, some do not have it. In case one asks for this pump, he has to specify whether he needs a model with the measurement scale or not.

The material used to make the pump accounts for the optimal pressure and comfort that the user gets from the device. The medical grade silicon interchangeable gaiters of this pump are highly comfortable and deliver ideal pressure.

Looking at how Penomet works, it is clear that this gadget gives the user latitude to adjust the pulls progressively from one level to the next as one gets used to one level of the pulls. This is possible since Penomet comes with five gaiters and each of these provides a different pull.

Thus, users can start at the most comfortable level and advance to higher levels step at a time. On the other hand, Hydromax penis enlargement pumps do not give the user this benefit of progressive adjustment; instead they come at fixed enlargement measurements which are an inconvenience since they don’t give you the opportunity to get acclimatized to a progressively increasing penis size.

Closely related to the above, Penomet comes with replaceable gaiters which is a good thing for several reasons.

Other than giving the user the freedom to select what gaiters to use depending on the enlargement level envisaged at each stage, this replacement also allows users to establish whether the progress made is permanent or not.

Diversity of results

The diversity of positive results of any device is crucial to the user. Penomat delivers a range of beneficial results which include: enhanced penis length of between 1 to 3 inches and bigger girth in a few weeks, stronger erections, and more satisfying sex.

A major shortfall of the hydromax brand is the limited number of results that the user gets from using this device. Hydromax prides in increasing the girth of the penis. As good as this might be, many men are after a gadget that will also increase the length of their penises. One will hardly come across a man whose only concern is the girth of the sex organ.

It is clear that though Petomet and Hydromax are gadgets meant for penis enlargement, and each has its own advantages, Petomet demonstrates indisputably superior qualities both in how it is made and the results it produces.