Using Your Male Enhancement Kit Effectively

Male enhancement kits, primarily those that are referred to as penis extenders, do actually work in a totally safe manner. These devices are designed to worn on the male sexual organ when it is in a flaccid condition. Essentially, these products work by gently pulling this organ in a progressive way.

This stretching effect then makes tears and in the long run, cell divisions occur to form in the corpora cavernosa. For those who might be in the dark, the corpora cavernosa is the ‘sponge-like’ regions of the erectile tissue of the penis. When the cell divisions happen, new blood cells will flood in the corpora cavernosa in order to repair the ‘damage’ that has been inflicted.

Over the passage of time, this new erectile tissue will begin to bulk up, triggering significant increases in both penis length and girth. At this juncture it is important to note that that these 2 factors are influenced by the exact size of corpora cavernosa. If really wish to enlarge your penis, you will need to enlarge this erectile tissue.

As such, the longer you utilize a penile extender, the more a new and much bigger corpora cavernosa will form. Well, you might now be probably wondering out aloud just how can you use these male enhancement kits in the correct manner. Here, then is a step by step guide on just how you can do so.

How to use a penis extender properly

To begin with, make sure that your penis is in a semi-erect state, that is, at least erect. Next pass it through the base ring of the device (plastic ring, which is meant to anchor the unit to your pelvis). You should then position the much more pliable silicone ring properly to the glans ( the head of your penis).

Finally, you should customize the tension level (traction) of the device to your preferred setting. Generally speaking, penis extenders come with 2 bars, which run the whole length of your shaft, and can be effortlessly adjusted to achieve the desired traction level. Even better, the very best of these male enhancement devices feature dials that allow you to make minute traction adjustments.

What is the right time and frequency for using a penis extender?

To be able to obtain the very best outcomes in penile size increments, you should wear the device for between 4 to 8 hours on a daily basis. Most physicians recommend do it for no more than 4 hours when you commence the regimen, which you can break up into shorter sessions and rest periods intermittently.

The moment you have realized your projected outcomes in both length and girth, you can stop using the Penoment penis extender. However, you should only do so in a gradual manner. This will prevent discomfort, and more importantly, help you maintain the gains you have achieved.

Penis extenders safety tips

These male enhancement kits are much more effective when utilized beneath loose fitting garments, preferably shorts or sweatpants. For optimal concealment, ensure that you aim the device in the downwards direction to avoid embarrasments. At all costs, always settle for a product, which features a comfort strap, or you can find it extremely discomforting to put it on.

Also, make sure that the strap is not too tight, but sufficiently taut to hold your penis in place and prevent it from sliding off the unit. As a rule thumb, never use a penis extender while you sleep. This is because it can very easily get tangled up with your sheets or bed covers and trigger very painful injuries to your penis.

Always integrate a full day of rest each week in your penis extender wearing routine. This can conveniently guarantee maximum success, as doing so assists your corpora cavernosa to heal much quicker. For much better outcomes, it is highly advisable you take multivitamins and stop smoking (if applicable) while in the routine.


All in all, when you are purchasing a male enhancement kit, always go for one from a trusted manufacturer. This ensures you can obtain a well constructed, durable product, which can provide precise tractions levels. Ideally, make it a point to settle for a penis extender that has been scientifically proven for its effectiveness and safety.

It can also be an excellent idea to buy one that has been clinically tested, and has no confirmed reports of triggering any safety issues.

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