What Penomet Gaiter Is Best For You?

Penomet is a revolutionary penis enlargement pump that is relatively new in the market. It is currently one of the most popular pumps in the market because it is highly effective and produces results in a short period of time.

This particular pump stands out from most others because with it, you can choose what levels of pressure you wish to apply on your male member.

You vary the pressure you apply using gaiters. This article seeks to guide you on the best Penomet gaiter for you.

How to choose a Penomet gaiter

Penomet gaiters have different colors, all of which have applying varying intensities to your penis. Ideally, you should start with the purple gaiter, which applies the least amount of pressure on your penis.

Use the purple gaiter for a period of two to three weeks, or until you stop feeling any impact after using the gaiter.

To make it more effective, you might also want to alternate between the purple and the blue gaiter, since the latter applies a little more pressure on your penis.

Alternating between the purple and blue gaiter for the first few weeks of your Penomet pump program will show you positive results in the size of your penis. When the two gaiters become too comfortable for you, or when you get used to them, it is then time to move to gaiters of more pressure.

By the time you get to the red gaiter, which applies the most pressure on your penis, the change in size of your penis will be truly remarkable.

Ideally, you should use the pump for fifteen minutes each day. In order to see any results, you must ensure that you are consistent in the use of the pump.

However, you should also be careful while using the pump so that you do not injure your penis. Being very vigorous or using the pump for very long can indeed do you more harm than good, and you certainly do not want to find yourself in this unenviable position.

Why is the Penomet Pump so Popular?

One of the reasons why this pump is ever rising in popularity is that it is very effective. Unlike so many other penis enlargement pumps in the market that promise instant results, Penomet actually delivers on its promise.

Although the change may be gradual, there is the guarantee that your penis will increase in size over the course of time. And if you are wary about taking the company’s word for it, then there are countless reviews written by those who have used the product that attest to just how effective it is.

Additionally, there are absolutely no risks that are associated with using the pump, as long as you use it correctly.

However, beware that the overuse of the pump can cause soreness, so you take care to use it just as it should.


The best Penomet gaiter for you depends on how far you are into the program. Beginners are advised to stick to the low pressure gaiters and work their way up, and not to be in any hurry to use the high pressure gaiters.

With this pump, if you work for change, you will see results, but if you want to see immediate results, then you will most probably not see any change at all.