Accessories To Use Along With Your Penomet Pump

Thousands of men around the world are using penis enlargement pumps like the Penomet pump to increase the length and girth of their manhood.

While the pump works fine with the basic kit that includes the purple gaiter that exerts a pressure which is labeled as Force 60, you can always improve the pressure of the pump with the other gaiters which can be bought as accessory items along with the Penomet pump.

This article will tell you about the various accessories that can be used along with the Penomet pump to get results which are far beyond your expectations.

Comfort strap

Also known as the shower strap, the comfort strap is designed to give the user a hands-free experience while they use the Penomet pump. This accessory item will hold the pump securely over the penis, while the user takes a shower or does any other thing.

With the comfort strap strapped on the user would not be required to hold the pump with his hands all the time.

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Apart from allowing hands-free operations, the comfort strap also allows the penis enhancing pump to stay at right angles to the body. This is important as the rubber gaiters have a natural tendency to get slanted at an angle.

For best results, the Penomet penis enhancer should be in an upright position which can be achieved easily by using the comfort strap or shower strap.

Extra gaiters

If you think that the pressure exerted by the Force 60 purple gaiter is not bringing that desired effect, you can always increase the pressure by choosing a higher gaiter.

These extra gaiters are all color coded so that you do not confuse them with any other gaiter and use the one which exerts a pressure which is too much for your tool to withstand.

The list of extra gaiter along with their pressure rating is as follows.

  • Blue gaiter – Force 65
  • Black gaiter – Force 70
  • Gray gaiter – Force 75
  • Red gaiter – Force 80

While Force 60 is the one that one should begin with, you would eventually need to use the black or gray gaiter to get the girth and length that would leave your partner totally dumbstruck.

Penomet X65 Monster gaiter

Designed for the getting the mammoth sized penis, the Penomet X65 Monster gaiter is the green colored extreme workout gaiter which has a pressure rating of Force 85! You should be ideally using this only when the pressure of the red gaiter has become tolerable.

Premium Gaiters kit

This accessory item is comprised of 4 rubber gaiters with pressure ratings of Force 60, Force 65, Force 75 and Force 80. The last one is the extreme workout gaiter that will exert huge pressure to get unimaginable results.

All the accessories that are mentioned above are a part of the Penomet Ultimate package and can be bought at one go. However, if someone feels the need to go for the standard package along with one or two particular accessories, they can also opt to do that.

To sum up, the accessories that are made available with the Penomet pump will enhance the performance of the pump manifolds.