Penomet Review – Is Your SEX Life Truly Saved?

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We all have something we are not proud of in our bodies. Be it that ugly birth mark or scar, the receding hairline, the potbelly, small boobs, small penis… the list goes on and on. Fortunately enough, most of these aspects can be fixed to suit your own desires.

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For instance, you just need to hit the gym and check on your diet to lose the pot belly, get some implants if you have a tiny ass or boobs, get a hair transplant on your receding hair line…

Penis Pumps

There seems to be a perfect solution for almost all other inadequate’ body parts apart from the penis. I am yet to understand why this niche is lagging behind.

However, I have some good news for the small penis owners; the past few years have seen the development of a number of methodologies that claim to turn your dwarf into a giant.

My major area of interest is on the penis enlargement pumps, particularly on Penomet Penis Pump mainly because I have personally had a first-hand experience with the product.

Before we jump right into the what and what-not’s in regards to the Penomet Penins Pump, I know if most of you are like me, you are mentally freaked right now for your lack of capacity to fully please a woman.

Having a small penis negatively affects you in many ways than you really know. There goes, your self-confidence, heightened insecurities and women do almost nothing to make you feel any better.

I have read tons of articles that say, your size doesn’t matter, what matters is how you use it’. To some extent, this is true; however, it is also important to also remember that we are only as good as the tools we use.

In my quest to make my tool grow bigger and better, I have tried a various products from across the spectrum, and to no one’s surprise the results are as futile as you think they are. So I have felt that I do mankind a favor to clear the air once and for all.

Most of the penis pumps, pills, surgeries and the so called natural nutritional supplements are just useless crap.

I was smart enough to veer off the surgery option, because of not only the fear of pain, but also of the possible dire negative consequences if things went south.

So I settled for the penis enlargement pills and the nutritional supplements.

Furthermore, it made more sense to me that the pills and the supplements, will trick my body to thinking that it was back in puberty and would immediately queue my penis back on the growth rack.

Most of the products out there promise miracles, and prey on the desperation of the small dick owners’ to sell worthless products that at times do more harm than good.

In this article, I will be reviewing the Penomet Penis Pump, a product I have had firsthand experience with, and has changed my life.

However, for those looking for miracles in regards to penis enlargement, do not waste your time reading the rest of the article because I will only disappoint you. Needlessly say, those miracles only exist in fairy tales.

Penomet Penis Pump

I got to know about the Penomet Penis Pump through my relentless search on the internet. I was looking for an effective product that would not cost me a fortune, and would be effective without negative consequences health wise.

It was looking for more proof that the product was truly suitable for my needs. I was wary of reviews that read like they were written by the company employees just to sell a worthless product. Yes, am talking about those kind of reviews that promise you heaven on earth and preach on and on about how the product is perfect.

I settled for the Penomet Pump because it seemed to work differently from the rest of the convectional pumps and not forgetting to mention the knock-off pumps.

The pump was released a few years ago, and unlike the traditional pumps that have been in the market for many years, it claimed to employ a new methodology that made it effective, safe and guaranteed permanent results. As a result, I decided to give it a try.

Fortunately, my leap of faith paid out so well, that I had to write this review so save my former fellow small dick owners, the agony of dealing with their short comings’ literally.

How To Use Penomet

Now, let me quit preaching and get down to the real deal. The ordinary penis pump is comprises of a small vacuum device fitted with a tube to stretch anything that is placed inside the tube. They use pure pressure of a vacuum to facilitate enlargement.

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This type has the disadvantage of irregular lengthening and widening of your weiner due to the uneven distribution of the pull effect. Unfortunately, most of the pumps currently in the market work on this principle.

I fell for the Penomet model because it is based on a hydro-based system, which uses water to evenly distribute the suction power to produce the most impressive natural looking growth. All you need to do is to use it for at least 20 minutes each day to see the optimum results.

Penomet Exercise

Just as mentioned earlier, I noticed that Penomet was designed to achieve maximum gain, but also guaranteed the safety for the user. The pump can be best used in the shower or bathtub and you can as well opt to use it without water, but this is not recommended.

The ease of use of is facilitated by the clever design of the pump starting with the polycarbonate plastic that keeps it scalable and flexible.

It also comes with a variety of gators made of medical grade silicon; with each one marked with a color code to indicate the amount of force it can exert.

I will explain the color codes of each gator and their functions in the next section in the meantime; I want to focus on the how the system works.

The interchangeable gaiter system allows you to change to larger girth sizes as your penis begins to increase in size.

Once you are set, you are required to pump to create a seal or rather create an aqua pressure (vacuum), followed by occasional pumps during the 15 to 30 minutes of the exercise to ensure the pressure is maintained throughout the exercise.

Once you are done with the exercise, remove the safety valve to let the pressure escape so that you can have a safe removal.

Penomet Gaiters

One of the greatest accessories that come with this pump is its gaiters. Its success heavily relies on the correct use of the various gaiters at different stages. Once I purchased the pump, I noticed it came with five different gaiters that have different colors.

The complicated part involves knowing the right gaiter or rather color to use at the right time. You are required to switch them progressively as you continue to use the device or rather, as your member grows larger. For those who are worried about what color to use at which stage? Here is a brief guide on the colors:

The Purple (Force 60) gaiter: This is meant for the first time beginners because it offers the lowest presser when pumping. Let me give you a warning in advance so that you do not get to go through the bad experience I went through due to my ignorance.

Immediately I had bought the pump, I was so excited to start off the exercise that I didn’t take time to carefully read the instructions on how to use the pump. So I ended up starting with the black color.

This made me experience some serious discomfort that almost prompted me to avoid using the pump totally.

It is only after reading the instructions that I noticed I had done it all wrong. Furthermore, in case I had started by the more intense gray and red colors, I would have experienced severe discomfort which would include physical pain, blisters, water retention, and more.

Now that you are warned, let’s get back to our list. The next gaiter is Blue color (Force 65). Though it doesn’t have a very strong kick, it has a stronger suction power than its purple counterpart.

The next one is the black color that signifies the middle strength gaiter reserved for Force 70. It further has two variants, the Standard and Extra packages with each having slightly different pressure setups.

I admit that black is my favorite and most effective level for me. I have not used the red gaiter coz it scares me a bit. It is quite thick and thus is likely to have a lot of suction powers. I resolved to leave this gaiter to porn-stars who really want to have massive dicks.

I also cannot really tell you after what time will be ready to use the red gaiter; the only thing I can just say is that it is out of my league.

The bottom line is that beginners should start with the purple gaiter that has a gentle kick, the then work their way up gradually to the more powerful ones, thus allowing your penile tissue to gradually adjust to the tension.

Some downsides
I might have mentioned several times that this product is awesome, but there are some downsides especially in regards to the use of gaiters.

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Remember I have mentioned the great discomfort I experienced after I choose the wrong gaiter color. The truth is, even if you choose the right color, you will have to still undergo some form of discomfort.

The gaiters have a few rough edges, which can scratch a little bit so be ready to bear it and do a little of teeth gritting. I do not mean to scare you, it is not that bad. In fact, once you get used to it, you will know how to position it and how to stand so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort.

For those who might feel like throwing in the towel initially, I can promise you that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Penomet Results

penomet results

So this is what the company says about its pump. It promises to provide up to 30% gain in girth and an increase of 1-3 inches in length. You will see the results instantly; however, the results of the first few uses will be more temporary rather than permanent.

The company further states it can guarantee permanent enlargement results within 30 days of proper use which entails 15 to 30 minutes at a time and under proper safety measures. Other benefits that come with the use of Penomet include:

  • Guaranteed safety, comfortable to wear and no adverse health effects
  • Improved sexual confidence
  • Penis girth growth by up to 30%
  • Harder, longer and instant erections
  • A significant increase in the penis length.
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Can comfortably accommodate any penis of any size through the use of extra accessories.
  • Reduce chance of contracting Peyronie’s disease

Penomet Accessories

The normal pumps are designed for persons who want to achieve up to 8 inches in length. However, for those who want more girth and length, they have accessories and as additional gaiters to facilitate this. The ultimate package has an extra green monster gaiter to achieve more than 8 inch length. More recently, shower strap has been added to the list of accessories making wearing and use of the pump a hands free’ operation.

Does Penomet Really Work?

Before I confirm whether or not the product really works, it is important for me to shed some light into some details.

First of all, most of the companies will present the best case scenario results of their products as the normal experience every user will have when he purchases their product.

This is typically a smart oversell, while remaining within the boundaries to ensure that they do not get accused of cheating.

Secondly, every person is different, thus different results are expected mainly based on how you are already endowed and how you use the product.

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Now that you have things into perspective, I have already admitted that I purchased and have been using Penomet for some months now.

Initially, I would have never admitted at least in public to have ever used a penis pump even if it had brought me numerous benefits.

There is no way I could have done that; it would have been such an embarrassment. I guess that my ego was still bruised from the years of mental and emotional torture of having to deal with my small penis size.

However, time passes and things change. To be more precise, I now have a bigger penis. Though not as big as I want it to be, the significant changes I have seen have really made me happy.

Moreover, I am still working towards achieving my desired length and girth, though I know it will take some work and time. Hope you will excuse this pun; I can proudly stand up and publicly proclaim that I used and I am still using Penomet to get such a healthily meaty penis am rocking right now.

Guess it is true what the company said about the sexual confidence. It is also remarkable how this confidence has started bleeding in other areas of my life. Now I am a proud owner of larger and longer penis.

However, it is the time to burst the bubble created by the company’s marketing propaganda. The company claims that you will have a length increase of 1 to three 3 inches. So far I have seen an increase of slightly less than half of company’s magic number.

To be precise, I have only seen an increase by 1.35 inches and some girth as well.

Honestly speaking, this is not a bad figure; so far so good. A length increase by 1.35 in a few weeks is not a simple feat to achieve.

Yes, I am a bit obsessed with the numbers, they are really important to me, as am pretty sure you will as well, when you start these exercises.

However, am planning to start doing the exercises all over again, since the initial excitement of my achievement is wearing off. The company claims that you will see instant results within 15 minutes of doing the exercise even if it is your first time.

This is true and false at the same time; let me explain. Yes it is possible that it will look bigger after 15 minutes of working on it but will shrink back to its almost normal size a few hours after the exercise.

Remember when I started with you, I had already warned you that I will not be presenting you with option that works miracles. The penis looks bigger due to stress caused by the pressure, causing it to bulge outwards, but later shrinks to the normal size after it recovers from the pressure.

What about the permanent gains? The company claims to guarantee permanent enlargements results within 30 days of proper use which entails 15 to 30 minutes at a time and under proper safety measures.

I really do not want to dispute their argument, but the point is 30 days seems like an over ambitious goal. From my experience, only after three months of regular proper exercises, will you start seeing some kind of cementing results followed by a permanent penis size gains.

I would also like to insist that you should be realistic with your goals.

A length of increment of 3 inches is not easy to reach, so just be content when you get to half this size. However, 30% increment in girth is quite attainable. Remember, it will take time to see the desired changes.

I have also heard some claims from some parties that experienced no results at all. I really don’t know what happened there; am neither an expert nor do I work for the company. However, I have my suspicions why the pump didn’t work for them.

It is highly likely these guys did not use the pump accordingly; or fell off the routine of using it due to the frustrations of not getting the results fast enough.

Remember that your penis is not a balloon that suddenly grows big once inflated.

It is a living tissue that grows slowly through cell multiplication. Picture this, how many times have you bought some workout gear or a new supplement, then not used it accordingly, but ended up blaming the product for your failures? Be honest; I know you have.

Comparison to other Pumps on the Market

There are many other options to penis pumps. Here is a brief comparison.

Penomet vs Bathmate

The two pumps similar in numerous ways; they are both hydro-pumps that have similar filling methods and have similar pressure ranges. They both support a max size of 11 inches. The noticeable difference is that the Penoment pump has replaceable gaiters while Bathmate has built-in and non-replaceable Pump gaiter. This makes Penoment a more comfortable and more effective pump to use to attain optimal results.

Penomet vs Hydromax

The Hydromax operates similarly to the Penomet and Bathmate. Moreover, just like Bathmate, it has built-in and non-replaceable Pump gaiter giving it a disadvantage over Penomet in terms ease of use and effectiveness. Moreover, the maximum size that Hydromax can handle is 9 inches while Penomet can handle 11 inches.

Penomet vs Sizegenetics

These are two very different pumps that operate in extremely different ways. While Penomet is a hydro-pump, Size Genetics uses the more traditional methodology making it just and an extender that has minimal changes on the girth.

Due to the different modes of operations, Penomet is far much effective than Sizegenetics; you have to wait up to 6 months to see permanent results using Size Genetics device while it takes less than 3 months to see permanent results with Penomet.

Penomet vs X40

The x40 is the most popular Bathmate pump. We have already compared the two pumps in this article and established the main difference between the two is its gaiter system.

From the above, lengthy discussion, it is clear that Penomet is a real champion. It is also proof that my deep research has paid off. I was able to get a good solution for my age old problem without risking my health.

If you have read this article to this point, trust me you are on the right track to also getting a perfect solution for your problem.

I challenge you not to take my word for the gospel truth, do some deeper research on this device, and probably you will get more impressed than I already have.

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