Nautilus Leg Press Machine Review A Closer Look

The Nautilus Nitro Leg Press Machine is able to provide you with maximum muscle involvement by ensuring that you experience minimum back and knee stress. This particular strength system is available for your home and provides you with the same features that you’d get in a gym setting.

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This particular premium press has been designed by experienced experts to ensure that it can be able to accommodate hard squat workouts and also heavy leg pressing.


The Nautilus Nitro Evo Leg Press Machine is actually a fitness equipment that can be used in training areas and gyms. The machine is highly developed and uses a highly advanced strength curve technology. It is also worth noting down that it also has a linkage system that has 4 bars for the foot platform.

The weight stack is adjustable and can be adjusted in five lb increments depending on your preferences. You can also adjust the weights according to your strength level. It is manufactured using two inch and four inch steel frames, that measures 92L by 40L by 67H.

It also has a towel handle that is bigger, a bottle holder and a molded covering that is of high quality.


It is actually very important for you to clearly understand the features of any product before you decide to purchase it. Below are some features of the Nautilus Nitro Leg Press Machine that makes it quite unique from other models.

  • As mentioned earlier, the machine is made using two inch by four inch steel frames.
  • It also has a wide space for keeping a tower holder and a wash bottle.
  • The assembled dimensions of the machine are approximately 92L by 40W by 67H. The weight of the leg press machine is approximately 981lbs.
  • The machine also has an optimal strength curve technology that is modernized and a linkage system with four bars. It also has an increment weight stack of approximately five lb. All these features ensure that you always get high quality service when you use this leg press machine in your home.
  • The seat of the Nautilus Nitro Leg Press Machine can also be adjusted. The adjustments are long range and can actually be adjusted to favour different users with varying heights.
    The seat back angle can also be adjusted so that it can be able to target different groups of muscles.
  • It also has a thick contoured back pad to provide you with lumbar support and great comfort.

Benefits Of Using This Leg Press Machine

  • It is also important to know the pros of any product so as to know some of the benefits and advantages this product brings to your health. Below are some of the pros of using this product.
  • This leg press machine is safe for all users who aren’t confident enough to balance under a bar with a large weight.
  • The seat storage can also be folded to ensure you get extreme comfort when using the machine.
  • The construction of this particular machine is also heavy duty.
  • The footplate is oversized to ensure that you always position yourself correctly.
  • It also has an undercarriage pulley design that ensures you always get high quality service at all times.
  • The machine can be quickly adjusted to accommodate leg presses and hack squats.

Cons Of The Product

Every product has some cons which are very important in providing manufacturers with knowledge about some areas where they need to improve. Below are some cons of the
Nautilus Nitro Leg Press Machine.

  • It also doesn’t offer descriptions on various exercises.
  • The machine may also be too large for some workout spaces.
  • It is also worth noting down that this machine is only a fitness product and therefore doesn’t provide you with any diet and nutrition guidance.


When it comes to exercise, it is also important to know the main aim why the machine was designed. This leg press machine is designed for hack squat workouts and heavy leg presses. The unit can easily be adjusted to allow you to switch some moves.

The undercarriage design always ensures that the pulley is out of the way when you’re working out.

Finding a leg press machine that is reliable, durable, compact and convenient for any use is actually quite hard . It is worth noting down that performing single leg press requires machines that are a bit expensive, and you therefore don’t want to rush into any purchase before you clearly assess the key differences and features of various models.

The Nautilus Nitro Leg Press Machine uses weight plates for resistance. The bearings of this particular machine are made using tough and hard material that isn’t inferior so as to ensure that you always get stick-free and smooth movement. Plastic wheels are prone to flattening or cracking after some period of time.

It is therefore important for you to ensure that you purchase this leg press machine to avoid such instances.

This leg press machine is also versatile and this ensures that it can be used for more workouts other than just leg presses. A good leg press machine should allow you to do workouts like calf raises and also hack squats.
The machine is made using a solid steel design that ensures it doesn’t bend or break under extreme weight. The industrial grade linear bearings mainly make it durable.

The Nautilus Leg Press Machine is actually a bit expensive and costs approximately 5000 or 6000 dollars. However, it is worth noting down that it provides a good value for the money and is therefore worth investing.

This is because the machine is durable, high quality and is considered to be a professional grade piece of equipment that always provides you with high quality leg presses at all times.


The Nautilus Leg Press Machine is hailed by many professionals who have used it and always provides you with high quality service at all times. Its a perfect choice for your home and allows you to do hack squats and leg presses at the comfort of your home.

The undercarriage design, foot plate that is oversized and the ability to provide you with quick adjustability makes this machine one of the best leg press machines currently in the market.