Deep Muscle Massager Gun We Tried

Deep Muscle Massager Gun We Tried

Whether you’re an athlete or just prone to muscle pain, doing massage is an excellent way to release tensions on muscles. If you can’t make it to the appointment, or you want to ease the tight muscle anywhere— at home or at work, you might want to consider a deep muscle massager gun.

Massage Gun 101: What Is It & How It Can Help You

A massage gun, or also known as a percussive gun, can help alleviate soreness and tension through the process of oscillating. Oscillation is the bursts of pressure to the affected muscle tissue.

Unlike other DIY home remedies, these massage guns are effective in targeting pain points. But with plenty of options, it can be difficult choosing the most suitable massage guns for you.

When choosing a massage gun, think about your primary purpose. If you’re an athlete who mostly relies on a massage gun for relief and performance, a higher-end option is a better choice for you. Or, if you want a steady recovery from day-to-day soreness, any standard model should work just fine.

You can also select a versatile massage gun that can perform multiple modes with multiple settings.

Types of Muscle Massage Guns

Let’s check out the most common types of massage guns that we’ve tried:

  1. Theragun

    This type of massage gun is the most effective yet expensive, costs from $250 to $500 depending on the store. Theragun is a professional-grade that can execute forty strokes in a second while granting users a 60% deeper massage than the other standard massagers.

  2. TimTam

    Another first-rate deep massage tool that costs from $200 to $400. It is designed to improve knots, reinforce blood flow and release clogged lactic acid, which may alleviate chronic pain.

  3. Hypervolt

    This Bluetooth-enabled muscle massager comes with prebuilt or custom recovery options. It alleviates soreness and improves stiff muscles to increase mobility.

  4. Kraftgun

    Among others, this is the most silent tool with nine different speeds and an effective percussion vibration. This soothes joint pains and aches and is powerful enough for muscle recovery.

5 Benefits of Deep Muscle Massager Gun Debunked

Every muscle massager gun’s goal is to improve muscle performance and recover the constriction of tissue. Also, there are many valuable benefits you can reap by using this tool.

Let’s explore these fantastic benefits that you might not know:

  1. Relaxes the Mind and Body

    It relaxes the body and relieves stress by freeing the tightness and clogged fluids deep in the muscles to strengthen tissue metabolism.

  2. Improves Lymphatic Function

    It can boost blood and lymphatic function, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to nurture and strengthen the muscles.

  3. Energizes the Muscles

    A deep massage gun can reduce the chance of muscle atrophies by awakening and heals them with enhanced flexibility.

  4. Nurtures Nerve Receptors

    It calms all the nerve receptors, inspiring muscle relaxation in the skin and muscles to refine mobility.

  5. Heightens overall wellness

    With regular use, you can improve sleep, boost your immunity, and cut down that anxiety too.

If these benefits call your attention, make sure not to overuse them (massage guns) and always follow proper usage for your safety. Talk to one of your trainers instead and raise your concerns for correct percussive therapy. Self-love is self-care.

Final Thoughts

Getting stressed from day-to-day activities is expected. However, failure to address stress could corrupt your health. A deep muscle massager gun won’t make you down, reducing your stress within a short time in the most straightforward way while reaping many benefits associated with it.