Where Do Skeletal Muscles Get Their Names From?

Muscle naming



Quantity of roots: Biceps, triceps, and quadriceps signify three, two, and four sources, respectively.

Location: along with its source or insertion, a muscle name might signal a nearby bone or body area. By way of instance, the bone is covered by the temporalis muscle.

Action: Conditions like flexor (bend the arm), extensor (stretch the arm), abductor (transfer the arm away in the chest), and adductor (return the arm to the chest) are inserted as prefixes to muscular titles to signify the sort of motion created by the muscle.

Size: Maximus (biggest), minimus (tiniest), longus (maximum), and also brevis (shortest) are typical suffixes added to muscular titles.

Location of source or insertion: The sternocleidomastoid titles that the sternum (“sterno”) and clavicle (“cleido”) because its roots and the mastoid process of the temporal bone because its insertion.

Management of muscle fibres: The conditions rectus (parallel), transverse (vertical), and oblique (at an angle) in muscular titles reference the management of the muscle fibres concerning the midline of your human body.