Where Did Weight Training Originate?

Where did weight training start



But where did it all begin? Eugene Sandow gets the honour of having invented the game. Body building’s father encouraged spectators to watch his body. Displays of endurance and strength became the middle of his stage performance and he revealed the supreme Grecian physique.

Soon he became very popular and used his fame to develop different businesses and began promoting body building products. His name is born by the exercise gear for the masses. The name of Sandow is connected with ‘The fantastic Competition’, the first building contest.

Body construction became an organized sport and organizations such as the IFB were founded in nowadays. The sport’s popularity has not stopped growing since then. The Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a boost to the game.

Paradoxically, body building was given a boost by World War II. Men needed to defend themselves and their families and their behaviour became more competitive. They wanted to stand up against the enemy and started to build a larger and stronger physique. More time has been spent on improving instruction methods, better nutrition and the first successful and more user friendly training gear was constructed.

Beginning in the 1980’s people are now more aware of the importance of the health and physique. They spend massive amounts of money on the introduction of a body that is perfect. Statistics reveal that body building supplements market like crazy trainers are currently making money and fitness centers pop up.