What Are Weight Training Programs?

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The aim of this slow development phase is to slowly increase muscular strength until you achieve your desired level. After reaching your strength goal, your long-term aim becomes to keep this level of strength by going into the maintenance stage of the strength training exercise prescription.

Creating an Individualized Exercise Prescription

How do I manage this strength level after the problem becomes? The good thing is that preserving strength will need a lifelong weight training attempt. Power is lost if you don’t continue to exercise. The fantastic thing is that the effort needed to maintain muscular strength is less than the initial effort required to gain strength. Research shows that as little as one exercise per week is needed to maintain strength.

Slow Progression Stage

This stage may last 4 to 20 months depending upon your primary strength level and your long-term strength target. The transit in the starter phase to the slow development phase involves three changes in the exercise prescription: raising the frequency of training from 2-3 times per week; an increase in the amount of weight lifted and a drop in the amount of repetitions; and a rise in the amount of sets performed from 2-3 sets.

You should start your weight training plan with both short and long-term targets. A vital purpose is to establish realistic short-term goals which may be achieved from the first several weeks of instruction.

The principal aim of the starter phase is to build strength slowly without creating undue muscle soreness or injury. This may be achieved by beginning your weight training program gradually beginning with light weights, a lot of repetitions, and just two sets per exercise. The frequency of training in this phase is each week.

The length of the period varies from 1 to 3 months, based upon your initial strength exercise level. A sedentary individual might spend 3 weeks at the starter phase, whereas a relatively well-trained person might only spend 1 to 2 weeks.

The exercise prescription for strength training has three phases: the starter phase, the gradual development stage, and the maintenance period.