Must Have Strength Training Books?

Books for strength training



In no specific order of significance…
Unquestionably among the most influential books I have actually read, Science and Practice of Strength Training has been that the first book that really enabled me to understand the basic theories which each strength trainer has to know.

I have read it at a minimum of 10 times since.
Head blown off.

This publication is really a game changer and should you use athletes (or wish to utilize athletes) it is a non-negotiable need to read.

A simple read for trainers and lifters of all degrees, this novel is just one of my all-time favorite favorites as it compels you to question what you thought was true of nutrition and training.
Willing to be head ignoredoff?

Despite studying each report and source I can put my hands on pertaining to periodization, until I discovered Bompa’s novel I constantly had a lingering sense of uncertainty regarding if I actually understood how to almost periodize coaching for athletes.

My entire life changed.
The Very Best Publications for Strength and Fitness Trainers

Dissecting countless myths pertaining to each topic imaginable such as biomechanics, stamina, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, and all in between…Facts and Fallacies of Fitness is simultaneously among the most enjoyable and enlightening books I have ever read.

After massaging Bompa’s text for long periods of time, I eventually felt confident in my ability to periodize training applications for various sports, athletes, goals, and rankings.

Having set it off to the past couple of months I eventually got to it and am eager to share with all that the books that I believe to be absolutely essential reading for each asset trainer worth their salt.

After replying the same query for many years on end, I guessed I might too compile a comprehensive list of my favorite finest novels for strength and conditioning trainers to a simple post.

I vividly recall sitting at Louie Simmons’ office in Westside Barbell studying Science and Practice of Strength Training for your first time.

The very first time that I browse Periodization Training for Sports from Tudor Bompa, “head blown” is that the only real method I could correctly explain how I felt.