How Weight Training Works?

The mechanics of weight training 


Is this a great routine for beginners? Well for one, it’s much easier to learn 8 exercises (one per body part: chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and abs) in a time than it is to learn 16-20 required for a split routine.

The above weight lifting routine allows for maximum effort to be given to all muscle groups, and allows for sufficient recovery time for each group. The abs are a smaller muscle group and are made up of a different type of muscle fibers, so they can be worked more often than other body parts.

So can the split function? Well there are an assortment of different muscle group mixes that could write a four-day split. As an example, some prefer to work the biceps on the same day as the spine, but others prefer to work the biceps on chest or shoulder day. Works best is as follows:

While there’s no single best weight lifting routine to suit everyone, I’ve found the four-day split to be the most useful in building muscle. Some weight lifting routines do not allow for muscle recovery period, and others allow an excessive amount of time between working the same body part again. The four-day split is an excellent compromise, typically allowing six or seven days for major muscle groups to recuperate

A good deal of people like to work their chest and triceps on the same day, and back and biceps on the same day. The reason why I disagree with this is since the triceps are used while working the chest, and this results in the triceps to partly fatigue prior to working them. This can promote a less-than-100% effort when working the triceps.

Therefore, if you are have any experience with weight training, then I advise you establish a 4-day split strength training regimen for maximum muscle growth and let muscle healing.
Beginners might want to start out on a full-body weight lifting routine. This sort of routine entails working every muscle group during every session, and executing three sessions per week with at least one day of rest between each exercise. 1 exercise per body part is adequate for this sort of routine.

This is the concept for bicep and back. Since the biceps are worked while doing exercises back, they get fatigued and can’t be worked as vigorously when the time comes to perform them.

Also, this sort of weight lifting routine allows the body adapt to weight training as it doesn’t place as much strain on the body for a split. As soon as you’re ready to proceed in the full-body workout, it is time to select the four-day split!

Sunday: Rest
Saturday: Quads and Hamstrings