How Weight Training Changed My Life?

Changed life because of weight training



In order for us to manifest our fullest potential in life, we must care for both our spiritual and physical selves. I have not always felt this way. With no warning, I saw myself looking down in the classroom in the ceiling.

I identified myself as a student, a female, a friend, a worker and a sister. I did not have a clue about my non-physical self. I discovered firsthand that I am more than my physical self. With this new awareness came an extra duty to take care of both my spiritual self in addition to my physical body.

The advantage of being grounded is that we may carry out any duties or finish any tasks more fully since we’re fully present. As soon as we ground ourselves, we encourage the non-physical facet of whom we are to be embodied entirely to our humanness. It enables us to stand at our center and feel that our strengths and gifts and bring them out into the world with ease and confidence.

Here’s an example. Once I have had a chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture or massage appointment, my physical being feels more calm, energized and strong. I’m breathing more deeply and I’m more connected with my body. These tune-up methods let me hold more psychic energy when I do my readings.

When I’m physically present and acutely conscious of the moment, I am ready to add precision and clarity to my sessions as my pruning tool- my body- is in a healthy and adapting state of being. You too will have the ability to broaden your potential as you become more grounded.

Another component of nurturing my well-being is tending to my instinctive nature. So as to experience the higher realms, I have to feel grounded in my own body. To be grounded means that I’m present in the moment rather than “checked out” house on some mental/emotional drama in the past or worrying about the future.

When I am grounded in the present moment, I feel my feet under me, I’m conscious of my breath and I am relaxed and at ease in the present time. There’s an openness in my own energy field and a feeling of being connected to the divine. The method I learned was to send a grounding cord to the middle of the planet in my hip area and to pull up from Mother Earth a sense of being rooted and secure and powerful.

Additionally, I was taught to utilize this cable as a releasing tool to give up some inharmonious thoughts or feelings by sending them down the cable to be transmuted into light in the middle of the planet and then pulling up into my heart feelings of peace, stability and existence.

I mention this because as a psychic, I spend a whole lot of time tapping into the invisible realms, meditating and knowingly expanding outward in my physical self. I’ve discovered that to be the very best psychic I could be, I must also be seated in my body, feel healthy and have a high energy level.

It is depended upon by my job. Along with food, exercise and sleep, my body needs regular tune-ups such as a car. These practices along with healthy food, regular rest, meditation, prayer and self-reflection support me in tuning my physical vehicle for optimal performance.

We’ve got the opportunity to appreciate both our spiritual and physical well-being equally and treat ourselves with healthful choices. We’re not just these physical bodies. We’re so much more! Our spiritual selves continue after the change called death but, in the meantime we can appreciate our humanness and live happy and wholesome lives in bodies which are tuned-up and functionally optimal, while being bright connected to our spirits.