How Tight Should Weightlifting Shoes Be?

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I weighed about 290 pounds, when I purchased my Maestros. I weigh about 225. I dont know if my toes are less “fat” (they certainly seem to be – I can see veins and tendons a lot more clearly today) or my weight doesn’t push down on the toes as much, making them flatten out, or my feet have gotten bigger because I’m now a smaller creature. My shoes are looser. Very annoying.

My Maestros are too large. I enjoy them and will purchase a different set, but tighter would be preferable.
I purchased a pair of Ristos lately, contemplated keeping them fuck it and sent them back to get a size larger and they fit perfectly. I would say send them back in case you think they’re too modest.

Only you’re going to know if they are too tight. If they’re leather they’ll stretch. I have some kanama shoes and the man who makes them to me.

Turns out he was correct though. They fit fine.

You do not want them too cozy, you want a little wiggle room. Your toes definitely must come to the end of these, but not where you must cram your foot into it and you do not want your toes to always be in pain.