Do Weight Training Burn Fat?

Burning fat through strength training



Take just ten minutes every morning to do some pushups and body weight squats. You don’t even need any weights. An effective and efficient method of weight training is to do the exercises very slowly until you get to exhaustion.

By way of example, when you do a push up, go down slowly, to the count of 10 and when you get to the bottom and touch your chin to the ground, pause for a second, then go up gradually, again to the count of 10. Repeat this until you cannot do any more push ups. Use the same method for body weight squats.

This method helps to increase strength and increase metabolism while reducing risks of harm from rapid jerking motions when you do the exercises faster.

Cardio exercises are great for warming up your body for exercise and getting the blood flowing, but if you would like to really rev up your fat burning furnace, you need to incorporate strength training into your workout. Some type of strength training is essential for fat loss.

That’s because weight training increases muscle mass and muscle burns fat and increases metabolism. These are two very effective forms of weight training for weight loss, since they work large muscles in your torso, arms, legs and gluts and these big muscles burn more fat compared to smaller muscle groups.

In this article we will discuss the reasons why strength training is superior to cardio for burning fat. This has been demonstrated to be wrong. Strength training builds muscles and muscles increase metabolism and burn fat. The more muscles you have the more fat you will burn off, period.

Any successful fat loss program must incorporate some form of strength training. It doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership or even weights. There are many workouts which can be done without the use of any equipment or weights.

For successful fat loss that will result in that defined and chiseled body, you need to incorporate some kind of strength training into your workouts. Cardio won’t give you those kinds of results. Strength training is also great for your heart as it requires your heart to pump and work harder. Your heart is a muscle too, so by making it work harder, you’re developing a stronger heart when you do strength training workouts.