Do Weight Training Before Cardio?

Cardio as an ending exercise


Performing cardio “after” a weight training session will enable somebody to lift more weight initially to power through a grueling workout and benefit from the “heavy weights” to build muscle mass, the objective of most bodybuilders.

A person must be more focused and awake at the start of a weight training session and appropriate form would be easier to keep. Proper form is necessary while lifting weights to achieve a fantastic muscle growth and prevent injury. Focus and form are crucial when lifting heavy weights.

The muscles in our bodies have a compound called glycogen. It is stored in the liver. Glycogen is a pure carbohydrate reserve and available to be readily converted by the body to glucose as needed to fulfill its energy needs like during a weight training session.

When all glycogen is drained in the muscles, the body will search for other alternative sources for energy and will start to burn any extra fat that it finds.

Simply, if the objective of the training session is fat loss, performing high intensity cardio on the days aside from weight training days is likely going to be the best alternative.

In this scenario, once glycogen is used by the weight training, the body will search for other ways to continue to make the fuel it requires. At this time, performing an intense cardio workout will burn more calories at a quicker rate thus leading to greater fat loss. In bodybuilding, this is called “shredding.”

Since lifting weights doesn’t increase the heart rate as cardio exercise does, there would be minimal fat burning happening.

Cardiovascular exercise, cardio for brief, increases blood flow in the body and increases heart rate. Cardio is a best way to burn off excess calories leading to fat loss. Additionally it is a wonderful way to “exercise” the center.

However, the question for most bodybuilders stays, should cardio be achieved “before” a weight training session or “after?” It all depends on what a man is trying to gain and the goal they’ve set for their work out.