Do Weight Training and Aerobics Go Together?

Aerobics and weight training as one



From my vantage point, lifting and yoga weights go perfectly together. . The outcome will be a body of perfect tone; maybe larger muscles if this is your goal, better equilibrium in physical function, improved focus, breathing and concentration.

But despite all that variety, my favourite place is still the free weight room. Do not get me wrong, I use the other regions often, but for the purist, the free weights continue to be the place for a terrific workout of muscle toning and building.

The same is for the squat, which is intended to strengthen the legs. The hamstring, quadriceps, calves, upper and lower back are all called on to hoist the weight on your own shoulders, and bring your body, in an upright, standing position and back into a squat again.

All these muscles, and many more which are employed in the course of a daily regimen, will tighten the tissues as the continuous contractions push to fatigue. The effect is short, tight muscles that restrict flexibility and range of movement.

Yoga poses have been used to extend and lengthen muscles, so that improved flexibility can make everyday activities easier.

Used in tandem, free weight workouts and yoga will supply you with a more rigorous exercise regime and a general sense of calmness that only comes in the quiet of yoga.

Renninson is an avid yoga and exercise enthusiast. Now in his late 50’s, he races bikes and frequently skis the black diamond runs in Colorado where he resides.

The problem with most exercises you will do in a gym is that they cause tightening and shortening of the muscles. When you lift a barbell for bicep curls that the purpose is to build both heads of the bicep, add definition and strength.

For several years, I have enjoyed the features, and the outcomes, of exercising with weights in my gym. It is a nationwide chain gym, which offers the most elaborate, sophisticated and innovative exercise machines for certain muscles, also, treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowing machines, racquetball courts, swimming pool, saunas, and aerobics classes of all sorts.