Do Dumbbells Have to Be Balanced?

Balance dumbbells



Have a pair of “old fashioned” adjustable dumbbells that use Olympic plates along with screw-on clips. I wanted this design so that I’d have the flexibility to purchase more plates as I build strength and move up in fat, but right now I just have the plates which came with the set.

Nicely, when the clips are around the should be fine. I have the identical type…I use plates. If I am doing curls, shoulder presses. .

I will sometimes have one side more heavy . It will help you build stabalizer muscles. While I do dumbell bench press…I will occasionally add only a bit more weight on one dumbbell to work my poorer arm. Provided that you can balance the barbell. . .it shouldn’t be a problem.

Should I ensure the dumbbells have the very same plates on each end, I’m pretty constrained in the weight I can make each dumbbell. Or would it be OK for particular purposes but not for others?