Did Bodybuilders in the 70s Use Steroids?

The truth in 70’s steriods



I wanted an illustration and that I informed him about that which I discovered my mentor, along with his friend and former training partner, Mike Mentzer utilized….

I “left it in that” and did not question him concerning HIS particular equipment use since he actually does not like to talk about steroids and is extremely much against their usage in bodybuilding….he is embarrassed of his previous equipment usage bro’s but is absolutely aware that it enabled him to compete at a really large level and reach to success among the most important and strongest kind 73-83.

There you’ve got it bro. .

Ok guys…I’d like to believe that the expert’s of the 70’s used small equipment….in reality I left posts about that on Elite . . .ask many others along with Nelson Montana. I had been convinced they used low doses because I’d read a lot about the so called doses of this day.

“Do not let anybody fool you in our reduced doses. We were equally as irresponsible with steroid usage since they are now.”

I asked him if the huge doses began…
I asked him straight about steroid usage from the 70’s and that is exactly what he had to say…. And I quote…

CASEY LAUGHED then said this…” Mentzer consumed to 2.5 g of deca per week, God knows just how much primobolin acetate, together with d-bol and expansion, so like I said do not be duped about our reduced doses because we had been equally reckless as theses men are now.

” The huge doses began around 1974 and we were directly at the top of it”. Yes we ALL utilized GH back and it had been from actual cadavers. The GH we used was known as CRESCORMIN and no one was likely to morgs to receive it”.