Can Bodybuilders Smoke Weed?

Body builders statement for using weed


You may be asking these questions: Will it slow down my profits? Can it make me fatter? Can it help me eliminate weight? Are there any significant health effects that I should be concerned about?In the science, it appears to depend on your own body and how much you smoke.But here is what we know up to now. The 7 time Mr. Olympia and among the most popular men in the world smoked marijuana during his prime (probably not very often though).

It gives you the munchies, so it is fantastic for Bulking Season! We predict that deductive reasoning, however, the fact is no one knows. Or at least, it is relative to your own situation. Science informs us that the cannabinoids in marijuana excite the nerves (POMCs) from the hypothalamus part of our brains that make us hungry.

In a study by The American Journal of Science, marijuana can actually have the opposite effect by contributing to weight loss, and supplying temporary cravings at best.3. There are subjective examples of bodybuilders who have smoked (or are smoking) frequently and making profits We are not going to waste your time with non-conclusive scientific stuff.

Instead, we’ve got real accounts from bodybuilders that have smoked while exercising.By way of instance, in the next movie, Artemus Dolgin, a fairly famous bodybuilder, explains his regular use of marijuana during his training sessions.