Can Bodybuilders Drink Beer?

Drinking beer while building muscle



I’m confident you’ve had a hangover, I totally hate them and they put me off drinking over time ago. The issue with hangovers is they ruin all of your next day, they mess your schedule, they ruin your motivation to perform any work never mind get down the gym and train.

Even if it’s your rest day, it is likely you’ll skip meals, stay in bed too long and not get the perfect nutrients and food. Alcohol also dehydrates you and depletes the body of important nutrients further exacerbating the effects.

Alcohol reduces the natural levels of testosterone in your body, which as a bodybuilder is a big “no no”, as testosterone is a vital hormone in assisting you to build muscle. Additionally alcohol lowers your inhibitions, thus making it more probable you will stop for a kebab or pizza on the way home, which you would not touch with a barge pole in ordinary conditions.

You will need to consider your body as a system that you will need to keep well oiled. By placing alcohol (or junk food) into your body you’re clogging up your system and reducing it’s effectiveness to operate properly. Alcohol has no real nutritional value and contains a good deal of calories that have no benefit for you or your body. It’s not difficult to eat in excess of a thousand calories in just a couple drinks.

Alcohol is the actual enemy of bodybuilders, as drinking alcohol makes it simple to get distracted from your training program along with your healthy eating lifestyle. Many people like to have a few drinks at the weekend and it’s tough to say no, especially if going out with the lads is one of your favorite pastimes.

Using a beer every now and again will not do you too much harm, especially if you’re simply bodybuilding for fun, but if you would like to compete in contests then alcohol is out of the question. Sorry. If you’re heading out on a night, try to place yourself as the designated driver, you won’t have the ability to drink and you won’t get grief from the mates for not having a beer.

Should you have a drink, schedule an additional thirty minutes of cardio in your training plan to be sure that you burn off the excess calories.

If you are seriously interested in getting a ripped, lean body then you seriously need to provide the booze the boot. Plus alcohol really slows down your metabolism, which can help you develop a beer belly, and seriously restricts your muscle growth and fat loss efforts.

The issue with this is that drinking alcohol will cause you to put on weight, as it has a high calorie content, it will also inhibit your ability to wear and build muscle mass. The thing you will need to realise however is that you don’t have to give up your fun lifestyle; you simply have to be more accountable and disciplined with regard what you put into your body.