Bodybuilders Who Have Died From Steroids?

Body builders that faced horror by using steroids


After surviving the effects of his steroid use, Steve Michalik, says that the pill is not the answer, and ‘the now’ is not the solution. He urges bodybuilders to take a while to return to the old methods of instruction, without steroids. He believes that bodybuilders wouldn’t only be more successful, but might live longer.

“. . .just try just a little bit. . .it was the error. . .there isn’t any little bit”
Dr. Harrison Pope, Writer, The Adonis Complex, clarifies the brief term medical issues with steroids are rather modest; this is people are tempted to use them. The perceived advantages and muscle gain outweigh the side effects of acne, mood swings and growing female growth tissue. Most do not even detect these effects and the long term issues are ignored.

‘The Man Whose Arms exploded – Hidden Lives’ could be viewed on YouTube. It not only follows the story of Gregg Valentino but investigates the risks of steroid usage in bodybuilding and the dangers bodybuilders are prepared to take to be successful.
The risks of steroid use are well understood, yet ignored by many bodybuilders, desperate to get stronger and bigger.

Reasons why Gregg started using steroids:
He had been in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest arms in the world. Gregg Valentino is a good example of what occurs when the usage of steroids goes wrong. An estimated 20 percent of these using health spas in the UK have used steroids.

“The only way you come off is if disaster struck. That is what happened to me.”

We are living in a world where we’re judged on picture, the pressures are there and we want results now. Lots of men and women that are only starting out might feel pressured to take extraordinary risks and there are people who have trained naturally for many years who turn to steroids.

Steve first knew something was wrong when he began passing blood in his urine. It was his liver.
Obviously this is an extreme instance of steroid usage.

Steroid use began to take over; after he had begun he found it extremely tough to come off them.
Gregg Valentino’s steroid use became so regular that he developed illnesses from using dirty needles. He came really close to losing his arm and was lucky to not have expired.

Bodybuilders started to use the term ‘biggerexia’ to describe a country that’s the precise opposite of anorexia nervosa; they constantly feel that they seem small and wimpy. These were the sorts of individuals who were a lot more likely to turn to steroids.

Dr. Pope forecasts that in another 10 – 20 years we’ll see an increase in instances of major bodybuilders and higher profile athletes who develop cardiovascular disease or strokes in a seemingly early age, and this will most likely be accredited to using steroids.