Are Bodybuilders Unhealthy?

Bodybuilding lifestyle



Do not be a perma-bulker. If you find that a perma-bulker, warn him. Let him know that the rest of us aren’t silent because we are in awe of his mass and power. It’s very likely that we don’t wish to be seen talking to him. If you see him in the buffet or cafeteria, gently steer him into the salad bar, or into some lean meats. Perma-bulkers do not need that fourth croissant, and they do not require the third hot fudge sundae.

If you see him at the gym, steer him away in the dead lift cage into the Stairmaster once in a while. For while it may feel great to be BIG, it does not seem good to the rest of the world. And, like bodybuilding is by definition of a visual sport, it is time that perma-bulkers comply.

Health? Fuggetabout it. They frequently have high blood pressure, bad cholesterol readings, and a stomach full of very unhealthy items. You do not see many old perma-bulkers.

Why perma-bulk? You don’t need to watch what you eat. You may train heavy. If you decide to live your life as such, that is fine. Real bodybuilders have very little respect for perma-bulkers, since they’re viewed as undisciplined beasts.But they’re not bodybuilders. They’re perma-bulkers.

Bodybuilders prepare for muscle, and eat for muscle. However so they can observe this muscle, they train and diet. Perma-bulkers would be the opposite; they’re sweaty, heaving masses of people, pounding the weights out and throwing back the cheeseburgers. They do no cardio, and they suppress no calories. They’re animals, with no doubt; But various animals from bodybuilders.

All of us know that the perma-bulkers (or Permanent Bulkers) – the guys in the gym that are on a perpetual bulking cycle. They are constantly trying to put on weight at any cost. You have never seen a sliver of muscularity. Nevertheless they walk around, feeling large as a house, talking in their bodybuilding lifestyle.