Vegetarian Muscle Building

vegetables to eat for muscle building

Vegetarian Muscle Building Diet Plan

Do you know that you can build muscle without eating animal proteins? Most people do not believe that they can build muscle without eating fish, meat, and poultry. Others think that vegetarians do not build muscles. But despite this belief, vegans are healthier compared to non-vegans.

Our bodies require protein to thrive and grow. But does that mean that all proteins come from animals?

The answer is absolutely no!

What you need to understand is that those vegans can have muscles just like the non-vegans with muscle gain vegetarian diet plan. I have been keenly examining various vegetarian diets and vegans who have built muscles by using them.

There are certain key points that I discovered could increase your chances of succeeding to build muscle while on a vegan diet.

Tips to help you build muscles on a vegetarian diet

Concentrate more on Plant Proteins

If you wish to build muscles on a vegan diet, then there are several options for you to explore to accomplish your mission. Adding dairy products or eggs in your meal automatically expands your choice of plant proteins. Obtaining enough protein should not be a challenge as long as eggs and dairy products are available.

There are other plant proteins like pea protein or brown rice that have several amino acids that can help in building muscles. Foods such as beans, lentils, and nuts can offer you enough proteins to meet your daily requirements. These are the foods that non –vegans believe that they cannot offer enough proteins.

It is important that you ensure that you eat food that has high calories content for you to build muscles.

Avoid processed foods and consume the original food

Natural foods will help you to develop leaner muscles because they do not have additives like preservatives in them.

Eating a Balanced diet

You will surely need to eat a balanced diet that contains fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in equal proportions. If you want to develop lean muscles, then you need to ensure that you’re building muscle on vegetarian diet at all times.


If you want to build muscles, then you need to create excess calories than your body needs to perform daily activities such as workouts and other physiological processes.


It is estimated that almost 75% of our body is comprised of water, therefore if you keep your body hydrated all time this will help in protein breakdown. Water also helps to reduce the friction between the joints which can cause pain.

Feeding Intervals

It is important that eat as regularly as possible not as many people who take a single meal in a day. This will help the body to have energy required to execute its functions.

Lifting Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights can be a challenging task for you to undertake. But it can ultimately help to obtain muscles without eating the animal proteins.

Eat Plant Proteins regularly

Doctors recommend to increase muscle mass vegetarian who wish to build muscles need to consider quality of the protein that they will consume on a daily basis for you to remain stronger.


If you are ready to take all the risks related to building your muscle, then you can achieve so much. It s becomes so much hard sometimes to stick to a vegan diet while others are eating animal proteins.

Turn your water into a protein shake

It is also possible that you add a little protein powder to your water and this turns it into a protein shake. How amazing?

Use seeds and nuts to replace oils

Seeds and nuts contain proteins while oils do not have any. It is important that you use that to your advantage.

User supplements

If you are not able to obtain a certain nutrient from the food that you eat, then do not shy off from using supplements.

Generally there are several tips that can help people build muscle without consuming meat as summarized below

Eat up to seven vegetarian muscle meals a day that contains balanced diet

Makes sure that almost 50% of your calories should be obtained from carbohydrates Fats are important as they supply energy required for the various workouts

Look for a dietician who will help you design a vegetarian meal plan that will help you to build muscles. It is possible for you to build muscle with vegetarian diet without including meat.