How To Build Muscles Mass And Keep It That Way

If your goal is to build muscle mass, then call this your lucky day!

This guide shows how to build muscle women and men as well.

We are going to boil down the entire process which used to be very intricate in just three (3) easy steps with tips for you to follow.

There is a lot of bogus information that’s floating around on how to build muscle mass which is a challenge for bodybuilders these days and it will be hard for you to segregate which ones are facts and which are fiction. That’s when BUFFEDD comes info play.

It starts to be a vicious cycle for you when you start to follow a certain guide and it does not work so you move on to the next and it goes on and on until you get to the point where you begin to regret EVER starting in the first place because seeing no results in several months is disappointing.

And as we stated earlier, the process of building body mass could actually be broken down into just three simple and easy to follow steps, so let us get to them.

(1) FIRST STEP: Having the Right Diet

proper bodybuilding diet

All the best training and exercise in the world would not be helpful if the food that you are ingesting to your body is not in the right amounts. This is essential if your goal is building a strong, big and lean body.

There are specific nutrients that your body needs in order to grow and recover after intense workouts. In simple terms, while building muscle and gaining strength, you also have to eat like it.

One problem in the way that people bulk up is that the fat they are consuming has a negative impact on their insulin-sensitivity which makes the body harder to develop.

You should progressively and slowly start to eat large amounts of food so that your body will have ample time in adjusting to the extra calorie consumption. Your body would not freak out metabolically by this method and won’t store your extra energy into fat.

First, start with establishing a baseline diet. We prefer to not use calorie equations that are predictive because each individual has different activity and metabolism levels.

Instead, it is more effective if you start by determining the amount of calories you are usually eating and from there adjust your diet.

Track down both your calories and macro-nutrients to precise numbers in the next six weeks. If you think you are not confident in your ability of doing so, take the time in educating yourself. (BUFFEDD is a good place to look around. Just saying…)

You are way ahead of the curve if you know the amount of calories you take in already.

If you don’t, it is important that you keep a diary for logging all the food that you eat in three days time. You can also do it manually by using your estimated average as the base diet number.

In jump-starting your muscle building, add 300 calories in your base calorie intake. Divide your projected calorie intake into 3-4 meals daily with increments of approximately 4 hours.

Also keep your meals in equal sizes with the exception of your meal post-workout. This is a crucial meal and it should contain about 20 percent higher than the other meals.

(2) Second Step: Having the Right Nutrition

proper nutrition


As per pound of body weight, have at least 1 gram of protein.

Protein one of the most essential contributors of muscle growth and repair. It is broken down as being digested then turned into individual amino acids and reassembles back together inside the body.

It cant be stressed out more that protein should be your highest priority even if your diet only consists 20 percent of it. Good sources of protein include skinless turkey and chicken, cuts of beef, fish, whole eggs or egg whites, low-fat dairy and whey/casein protein.

If you only want to have protein once during the day then look no further after your workout. Whey protein of about two scoops or roughly 40 grams in a shaker bottle goes a long way in meeting your protein needs.

And it is during this moment that your body is the most receptive to the macro-nutrient’s benefits. Make sure you do not leave home without protein ready in your bottle!



Per pound of body weight, have at least 2.5 grams of carbs

You are trying bulk on muscle so you shouldn’t shun carbohydrates. They fuel the energy that you need during intense activity like the resistance workouts.

They are the second highest priority and has to be about 50 percent of your calorie intake especially slow-digesting carbs.

Best choices for slow carbs include yams, brown rice, whole-grain breads and quinoa. Avoid sodas and sugary sweets as much as possible.

They are “empty” calories that send your blood sugar and insulin skyrocketing which is likely going to be converted as body fat.



Per 1.5 pounds of body weight have 1 gram of fat.

Most people fear fats. You shouldn’t. They are necessary for absorbing a lot of key vitamins and also in producing important muscle-building hormones including testosterone and therefore are a very important in the process of how to build muscle fast.

30 percent of your meal plan should be fat with half coming from unsaturated sources such as nuts and seeds, olive or canola oils and fatty fish. Saturated sources can be meat, eggs and dairy.

Gains are made in the kitchen. Eating for muscle growth begins with the above-stated three main ingredients of your plate. All else that most people claim are just customizations, details and techniques that is going to help you in making the most of the ultimate big three which in time, you would reach.

Figure out how you could conveniently fit them in your life and prepare for the noticeable change for the better.

(3) Third Step: Having the Proper Workout


Make use of the varieties of rep range.

If you usually play around 1-2 repetitions, make it to the point that you alter it to 3-4 reps or even higher if you can. In this way you’ll be able to shake up your training process and strengthen your muscles further to adapt in different ways.

But just remember that you should not stick to higher reps for a long period of time for there is a tendency that you wouldn’t be able to finish through 20 reps.

Explore new exercises
Boredom could easily stick to you whenever and changing your routine every 8-10 weeks is going to prevent it from happening. Just by switching the all-time barbells to dumbbells as the alternative or vice versa will do the trick.

Lastly, take time to rest. We know you can go through the whole week without resting but your body needs to rest in order for it to give time to grow and improve. This is the one rule you have to remember because otherwise, your muscles won’t have the time for it to repair.

Building Muscle With BUFFEDD – Closer Look

Muscle building is all about hitting the weights and growing stronger. More strength means more muscle. Simple as that.

The time, effort and creativity that you spend in the gym brings about the changes automatically in your muscles because of all the challenges that they have to face.

They grow bigger in response to the weights that you do. It is quite natural to think that this is enough to give you good strong muscles and it’s all that’s necessary in the ‘how to build muscle and lose fat’ process.

But in actuality, you are nowhere near the truth.

Lifting weights alone will not help you build good muscles. There are other factors too that work towards building up your body. One of them is nutrition that is overlooked at most times.

There should be no misunderstanding the fact that eating good is also as important as lifting if you want to have a well muscled body.

There are three steps that take you to a strong muscled body. These steps need to be taken seriously and consistently.

1. Setting up Bodybuilding Goals


One of the primary steps in the process of how to build muscle and burn fat is to set up a bodybuilding goal.

Yes, setting up such a goal requires a lot of firmness of mind as it is quite difficult to accomplish the set goals. And yet you need to set up a bodybuilding goal as this will give you a focus and make building muscles a lot easier.

The planned approach always fetches better results than a random action.

Setting up a bodybuilding goal will quicken the process of getting a well-muscled body.

2. Consistent Training Sessions

A focused and a consistent approach will see you getting a well-muscled body fast enough. Consistency is the catchphrase here. If you occasionally do a workout or an exercise, the chances are that you may not get the desired results.

And then moreover, don’t exercise all the muscles in one go. You need to divide the exercise regimen over the week that would help developing all the muscles, and your body will look proper. Consistent workout of the muscles will give you a faster result as opposed to an erratic approach.

3. Eating Right

There should be a plan for all your meals that you take so that the growth of muscle is unhindered. The most important thing is that always have quality food. The meals should be balanced so as to have a maximum intake of lean protein.

The kind of food that is required for muscle growth should be rich in nutrients and low in glycemic carbohydrates. Fats are to be taken in generous portions too.


One of the most frustrating things for both women and men is that they put a lot of effort trying to build their muscle mass with little or no success. They spent all their free time in gyms, perform a string of reps and sets and all they end up gaining is a few pounds of muscle.

And the phrase “It’s good for health” doesn’t help at all.

Every person wants results that are visible to everyone.

The problem probably stems from the exercises that people do. Maybe they refuse to go to gym and have no idea how to build muscle at home.

They probably do the wrong exercises, or they just do them wrong. The reason doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you learn to do everything right to build muscle mass in different parts of the body including the neck, traps, shoulders, chest, biceps and forearms.

You have to master workouts for every muscle part and combine them effectively. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger said recently in one of his interviews.

In this article, we discuss different strategies that people can apply to build muscle mass with visible results.

How To Build Neck Muscles

neck exercise

When it comes to neck workouts, the most important thing you need to remember is that you should never lift heavier than what you can handle.

It may seem like this goes without saying for most workouts, but neck injuries and pain can be inconveniencing and life threatening. Prepare for neck workouts by stretching as this can prepare your muscles for the increased weight.

Important stretches to try include flexion and lateral flexion. Lateral flexion involves tilting the head and moving the ears towards the shoulders while keeping the shoulders at a 45 degrees angle.

Flexion requires one to bend the head downward, and keeping an upright posture. In addition, ensure that the jaw does not open and that the chin is in contact with the chest.

Lifting exercises to try include dumbbell raises and shrugs, side lateral raises and barbell shrugs.

How To Build Traps Muscles

building traps

Big traps are necessary for any guy who wants a sculpted torso. The muscle building mistake they make is paying attention to them once they are done with the shoulders. The secret to building nasty traps is to separate exercises that target different sections of traps including lower, middle and upper sections.

Lower traps can be built by keeping arms straight and stiff, while the shoulder blades are drawn downwards.

The middle traps can be built by doing exercises that pull the shoulder blades and finally, elevating shoulders can go a long way in building the upper traps. There are several exercises one can do to get bigger, nasty abs.

These include barbell shrugs, bent-over lateral raises, face pulls and calf machine shoulder rags. Dedicating a day to these exercises will get you effective, visible results.

How To Build Shoulder Muscles

shoulder muscles

There are several reasons why muscle builders are not reaping results and are not getting buffedd when it comes to building shoulder muscles. Too many exercises and wrong choice of exercises are just a few of the reasons.

And let’s not even mention that they pay less attention to balancing workouts on different parts of the shoulders.

To get your shoulder muscles growing again, the trick will be to get them warmed up and then utilizing military press to finish up your daily workout. Start with barbell shrugs, which are also important for building your traps muscles.

Proceed with dumbbell shrugs to work your lats, an evenly distributed group of muscles that protect your shoulders during bench presses. After performing these two exercises, you can now finish with the military press before calling it a day.

How To Build Chest Muscles

chest muscles

Building chest muscles is no easy feat. It takes a lot, including what experts call the “mind-muscle” technique, never mind that it’s yet to be scientifically proven.

In addition to building chest muscles, the workout you choose should be able to increase strength in that area.

The main trouble here is that most muscle builders don’t get the working and burning sensation they get when they work their calves and biceps. Especially all natural lifters.

The exercises that can trigger these sensations include the hex press, dumbbell bench press, incline bench press, incline dumbbell flye and as many elevated pushups as possible.

Combine these exercises into one workout once each week and you should notice the changes with your chest muscles within a few weeks.

How To Build Biceps Muscles

biceps muscles

This section partially covers how to build muscle in arms.

The biggest mistake guys make in an effort to build their biceps is doing a continuous string of biceps and triceps extensions. While they may do this with the best interests at heart, it is utterly wrong.

Other common mistakes made in the chase for bigger biceps include over-training the arms, paying attention to some muscles and neglecting others and not enough food. Beginners also tend to start with isolation exercises rather than overall muscle exercises.

The first thing you need to realize is that no matter how hard you try, you will never build muscle mass if you are underweight.

Exercises you can utilize to grow mass in your biceps include pull ups, inverted rows and chin ups. Pull-ups force you to pull the entire weight of your body, thus working several muscles at once. Push-ups, overhead presses and bench presses will help build your triceps.

How To Build Forearm Muscles

forearm muscles

Lagging forearm muscles can kill the overall look of a man; take it from someone who knows. From a performance angle, however, forearm strength and grip are great for anyone. The key to increased muscle mass in your forearms lies in understanding their anatomy and your genetics.

Flexors and extensors are responsible for movement in forearms. Other muscles found in the forearms include supinators and pronators.

Forearms muscles help to improve the strength in your wrists as well as grip. They are all responsible for not just movement, but also the coordination of the hands and the wrists.

There are several exercises that one can do to not only grow forearm muscles, but also to increase their strength. These include barbell wrist curls, barbell reverse wrist curls, dumbbell wrist curl, dumbbell reverse wrist curls and reverse barbell curls.

Even with the right workouts, exercise may not be enough to build muscle mass in different parts of the body. This is something that the best understand. A good diet and balancing the workouts is also important.

How To Build Abs

building abs muscles

The secret in building more visible and rocky abs lies in losing the excess fat. When I talk of excess fat I mean the excess fat in your stomach. This means that you have to concentrate on intensive abdominal exercises.

Your workouts also need to be well for structured maximal results. To get to the washboard abs, concentrate on workouts that work your core muscles.

These include reverse crunch, bicycle and plank. Training exercises that help to strengthen your pecks, shoulders and neck are also important for building abs. these include dumbbell fly, trunk rotations and wood chop.

Regular cardio exercises will help lose excess fats thus improving the grow of your abs. Some of the best exercises to incorporate into your cardio workout include swimming, cycling, jogging and boxing.

How To Build Quad Muscles

building quad muscles

…or how to build muscle in legs in general.

Having a big backside is sometimes not enough. Men will often require more muscle growth from their upper legs, which means they will want to grow their quads. The most obvious strategy to achieve this is to incorporate quad specific exercises into your workout routine.

However, other variations such as depth of squatting as well as foot placement can play a big role on getting massive quads.

Start your workout with squats and then proceed to compounding quads exercises. These include an increased degree of knee flexion and extension. Other exercises that will help grow your quads include leg presses, partial reps and gains, as well as leg extensions.

How To Build Calves

building calves muscles

Truth be told, calves are one of the hardest parts of the body to build. It’s even harder if one has small calves naturally. Not to worry though, because it’s entirely possible to build calves.

For a calf muscle to grow and become visible, one has to put a lot of pressure. Walking is therefore not enough. You will need more intensive exercises. Muscle gainer sometimes also helps.

The bad news here is that there aren’t many exercises one can do to grow calf muscles. Exercises you can count on include standing calve raises, donkey calve raises and seated calve raises.

It’s important to remember that you can train calves at a high rep range. This is probably because they are used to a lot stress from all the walking you do every day.

How To Build Lats

building lats muscles

Training to build muscle mass is not the same for every muscle group. This explains why the techniques for building lats are completely unique.

For maximum results, men need to focus on separating the width from the thickness exercises. The best exercises for increasing lat width are those that also work a vertical plane.

While vertical movements such as chins will improve on the lats, horizontal movements like rows improve on the back’s thickness.

Exercises that should come to mind for anyone who’s on a mission to build their lats include warm-ups, chin-ups or pull-ups, cable pull downs, dumbbell rows, barbell rows and cable rows.

How To Build Triceps

building triceps muscles

Triceps are often forgotten when building other muscle groups of the body, especially the arms. There are several exercises and tools for building awesome triceps and the trick to getting effective results lies in looking for what works for you.

Before we can look at some of those exercises, let’s take a look at the anatomy of triceps.

It contains three heads namely Medial, Long and Lateral. These connect the humerus, ulna and radius. The main function of the triceps brachii is to straighten the arm. The four top exercises for building terrific triceps include lying barbell triceps extensions, pulley pushdowns, standing barbell triceps extensions and one-dumbbell triceps extensions.

For best results, it’s best to train triceps on their own day. The order of the exercises is also important. Start with compound movements before proceeding to single-joint movements.

How To Build The Middle Back Muscles

middle back muscles

It’s not uncommon to see the best pro rank competitors show wide lats and huge backs but little or no mid-back definition. The back consists of several muscles hence the need to train different parts of the back with varied techniques and exercises as well.

Generally speaking, the best back exercises involve pull down or rowing movements.

However, different areas of the back will respond differently to changes in range of motion, grip width and weight. For effective results when trying to build muscles in the mid-back, combine exercises that increase the range of motion as much as possible and don’t pile too much weight on the shoulders.

These include pull downs, pull-ups and close-grip rows. The trick lies in prioritizing your workouts to bring up the weak areas.

How To Build Lower Back Muscles

building lower back muscles

The biggest reason for hesitation when it comes to building muscles in the lower backs is the fear of severe damage to the body. If asked, some would say that it’s impossible to avoid that and still increase the strength of the lower back.

Fact is, it is possible. But the workouts have to be well coordinated and so should the exercises. Forget that it’s one of the easiest parts of the body to injure and focus on these three exercises: good mornings, deficit deadlift and hyperextensions.

How To Build Glutes

training glutes

Everyone, men and ladies alike, want a backside that will turn a few heads when they walk. Scratch that. They want a backside that will make all heads turn. Unfortunately, not many people know what to do and the right exercises that will help build the perfect glutes.

Squats are one of the best glutes friendly exercises and should therefore be included in your workouts.

This helps the butt to get ready for the more intensive work out ahead. Most people tend to ignore muscular imbalances and to correct them, it’s advisable to build a glutes bridge.

To do this, squeeze your glutes and raise your pelvis as high as required to make a straight line between the shoulders, hips and knees.

How To Build Hamstrings

training hamstrings

Hamstring training is often neglected leaving people vulnerable to injuries as a result of imbalance. Lack of hamstrings is also an aesthetic embarrassment for men.

If you are looking for ways to get bigger, stronger hamstrings, the following might help: supercharged squats, starting your workouts with ham-focused exercises like deadlifts, leg curls, Romanian deadlifts and stretches.

Other thing in the equation are nutrition and bodybuilding muscle >supplements (no steroids). We’ll cover that in the next section



So, we covered every possible workout there is and we trained every muscle part (in our mind at least). However, there are more variables in the equation of perfect looking, healthy body.

How to gain muscle is more than just hitting the gym every so often. Trick in how to gain weight fast and muscles in the right kind of dieting and nutrition. We’ll cover that right now!

Gaining or retaining muscles doesn’t have to be a tedious task but it surely needs discipline when it comes to the choice of diet and nutrition.

There is no point in exercising and gaining muscles if your poor eating habits are causing you to turn 70% of the gained pounds into fat.

With proper muscle building nutrition, you can gain muscles and an attractive body that will make all your buddies seeking advice from you.

Here is a list of foods you should incorporate in your diet for you to gain muscles:

Lean Beef

lean beef

For you to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to make beef your staple diet.


Lean beef provides most of the essential nutrients necessary for muscle growth. Being a protein in the category of foods, it provides the body with high quality protein content which is a building block when it comes to muscle growth.

Furthermore, when the proteins are broken down, they provide the body with high level amino acids which make up a large portion of cells, tissues and muscles.

Apart from proteins and amino acids, lean beef provides the body with other nutrients including cholesterol, vitamin-B, zinc and iron content.



Eggs are also a rich source of protein, which as explained above, is indeed an essential ingredient on your quest to gain weight fast.

The yolk also contains cholesterol which boosts lean muscle and strength. It has been rumored that eggs should be avoided but on the contrary, nature has a way of controlling her children.

The cholesterol in the yolks is not harmful, in fact, it lowers the amount of LDL which is commonly known as bad cholesterol.

This prevents atherosclerosis and thereby combat heart attacks.

Whey protein

whey protein

As you may have noticed by now, protein is the major ingredient in getting muscle mass. Whey protein are protein muscle supplements that provide a convenient and fast source of protein.

These mass building supplements are readily available and affordable because of their popularity in the body building field.

They can be mixed with meals or taken at logical intervals. For example, when one wakes up or after workout. However, it is not advisable to highly depend on muscle gain supplements.


Proteins from whole foods provides a much higher quality of protein and therefore, whey protein supplements should only be taken to boost the natural proteins and achieve mass gain that way.

We suggest you don’t become a steroid user and avoid steroids at all costs.

Cottage cheese

cottage cheese

Surprisingly cheap, cottage cheese is one of the highest protein foods one can eat. There are several ways to enjoy your cottage cheese as you build your muscle mass.

You can eat it as a night snack or incorporate it to your daily meals. Cottage cheese is rich in whey protein and casein protein which is slow digesting protein highly required for muscle maintenance.


Fish, especially tuna, is well known for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Apart from the many health benefits these fatty acids are associated with, they are also essential for fat loss and for general body metabolism.

Whole grains

What do you think of when you hear the word grains? Carbohydrate? Yes.

Whole grains are rich in carbohydrates which are broken down to provide energy. With muscles comes energy and this energy is highly recommended to come from whole grains than refined grains.

For example, brown rice helps boost growth hormones which stimulate the growth of lean muscle and helps in fat loss and overall of precess of how to gain muscle mass.

Oatmeal and wheat germ

These are rich sources of carbohydrates and fiber which helps in fat loss and subsequent energy source. The slow digesting carbohydrates and high quality protein content also help in muscle preservation.

Soy beans

soy beans

Soy beans are relatively high in proteins compared to other plants. They have many nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, folate and vitamin K. Soy contains leucine, one of the top 20 amino acids which are important for muscle building.

Soy is the protein vegetarians wish to include in their diet because it offers a considerable amount of amino acids although it standards cannot reach those of lean meat.

Fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables

When you think of what to eat when you’re trying to build muscle, vegetables and fruits may not be the first food that comes to mind but a balanced diet cannot be complete without incorporating fruits and vegetables. And muscle gain pills ofc. Nah, just kidding. You don’t necessary need those (although they can help a lot).

They contain potassium which makes and builds muscles. They also contain antioxidants which protect the muscles from oxidation damage.

In conclusion, good muscle building nutrition is divided into these 3 building blocks:



Aim for the best protein sources if you want to get pumped quickly.

Spread your proteins throughout the day to allow time for protein synthesis. Amino acids which are the building blocks in proteins help a lot when it comes to muscle mass building. Lean meat or poultry are by far the best sources of protein.

Other sources include eggs, milk, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein, soy beans and nuts. It is a good idea to eat something when you wake up to increase the protein synthesis process which was slowed down during sleep.



Carbohydrates are sources of energy which is needed for muscle growth (quality muscle growth supplements contain a lot of these). For those who couple diet with training, carbohydrates come handy to provide energy, not only before training but also after training to generate insulin.

These carbohydrates can be sourced from oatmeal, wheat germ and whole grains among other sources.



Fats are vital when it comes to recovery. Apart from protein synthesis and cellular repair, muscle recovery is aided by certain fats. These beneficial fats are called fatty acids and can be sourced from foods that are rich in omega 3 or omega 6.

These are soy beans and fish. These contain the unsaturated fatty acids which are essential for body metabolism and hormonal balance.

The body is a machine that is in constant reinvention. Each day it breaks down its tissues and forms new ones. The food you eat plus other recycled material from tissues make up what will be in the new tissues.

Proper muscle building nutrition, which mainly contains proteins, repairs and replaces damaged muscle fibers. Protein synthesis and cellular repair fuses muscle fibers to form the new muscles.

Working out breaks down muscle tissues and impacts stress on the muscles. For muscle growth and repair to occur, you must adopt a discipline diet to provide ample fuel for muscle growth.

Proteins and carbohydrates provide the necessary nutrients for the cellular process of rebuilding broken muscle fibers.

In the next section we’ll cover specific bodybuilding diets and bodybuilding supplements for advanced lifters and genetic freaks.

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