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9 Ways To Burn Fat Fast

burn fat

When you have unwanted fat in your body, it will not only affect you physically but will also lower your self-confidence.

But the good news is that you can efficiently get rid of the extra pounds if you follow a proper set of guidelines.

That is because the human body has exceptional quality to eliminate years of stored lard from your body at a faster pace than the time you took to accumulate such amount of fat.

The lines below show exactly how you can burn up body fat at a fast rate by following some effective, well-researched guidelines.

#1 Consume A Lot Of Healthy Fats

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How can you shed your body fat if you consumed more fat?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that the fats you are being advised to consume are “healthy”, which means these fats have the ability to make you feel fuller while preventing any weight gain.

Due to the fact that fats take longer time to digest, they can slow down that process of emptying your stomach, thereby lowering your hunger and appetite.

It has been found in a study that if you follow Mediterranean diet that includes healthy fats derived from nuts and olive oil, your weight gain risk will be much lower than any low-fat diet.

Additionally, a smaller study conducted on individuals undergoing weight loss program, found that those individuals who consumed coconut oil (30 ml) on a regular basis lost a greater amount of belly fat in comparison to those who consumed soybean oil.

On the other hand, a research shows that consuming unhealthy fats such as trans fats can cause body fat to increase, especially around the belly and waist regions, both in animals and humans.

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Avocados, olive oil, seeds, nuts and coconut oil are among the many varieties of healthy fats that can prove beneficial to your fat burning process.

But you should not forget that healthy fats are also rich in calories, which means that you should consume them in moderation.

A good idea would be to eat healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats during the day. This way, you can avoid eating junk foods, and effective lose belly fat while lowering your hunger pangs.

#2 Engage In Strength Training

Burning body fat at a faster rate requires you to engage in exercise, and strength training is one such exercise that makes your muscles contract against resistance.

This type of workout builds your muscle mass as well as boosts your physical strength.

Generally, strength training includes weightlifting so that you can gain muscle gradually over time.

It has come to light through research that strength training offers several health benefits, mostly with reference to fat burning.

One such study showed that strength training had lowered visceral fat in the body of 78 individuals who were suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Essentially, visceral fat is categorized as a harmful fat that covers organs in your belly.

Yet another study revealed that opting for strength training for 12 weeks in combination with an aerobic exercise reduced belly and body fat in comparison to engaging in aerobic exercise only.

You can also consider opting for resistance training as it helps to preserve your fat-free mass, which in turn, can cause your body to burn more calories when it is at rest.

A review shows that engaging in resistance training for 10 weeks can help your body burn up to 7% more calories at rest while lowering up to 4 pounds of fat weight.

To start with your strength training you can engage in weightlifting, body-weight workouts or even use some of the gym equipment.

#3 Include Yogurt In Daily Diet


While exercise is a prominent part of your weight loss journey, eating the right food also plays a crucial role in burning fat at a faster rate.

The International Journal of Obesity recently published a study in which it was mentioned that women who consumed low-fat yogurt 3 times a day lost as much as 60% more body fat than those women who did not.

Another study also found out that those participants who consumed dairy 3 times a day lost two times more body fat than those who consumed less dairy.

According to Michael B. Zemel (Ph.D, University of Tennessee), consuming a diet rich in calcium can effectively lower the production of fat-producing enzymes and can increase the amount of enzymes that work to break down body fat.

So, if you have not included low-fat dairy products in your daily diet, you should do so immediately.

Consider adding foods like yogurt, hard cheese (Monterey Jack, Gouda and Cheddar), and milk to your regular diet.

#4 Make Cardio A Part Of Your Exercise Regimen


Also called aerobic exercise, cardio is a common exercise for that generally aims to train the lungs and the heart. Making cardio a part of your daily exercise routine will help you boost the fat burning process effectively.

For instance, a review on 16 different studies revealed that increasing the amount of aerobic exercised helped individuals lose more of their belly fat.

There are other studies that showed how aerobic exercise increases the muscle mass while decreasing belly fat, body fat and waist circumference.

Majority of the researches recommend that you engage in moderate-vigorous exercise for 150 minutes to 300 minutes on a weekly basis, which should include 20 to 40 minutes of cardio daily.

Swimming, running (anabolic running), walking and cycling are some forms of cardio workouts that you can opt for to burn fat at a faster pace.

#5 Add Fiber To Your Meals


You may not be aware of this but soluble fiber can easily absorb water while moving through your digestive tract gradually, which helps you feel less hunger for a long time period (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10721886).

Some studies also state that if you increase the intake of foods rich in fiber, you can protect your body against fat accumulation and weight gain.

According to a study conducted on 1114 adults, it was revealed that an increase of 10 gram in intake of soluble fiber per day resulted in loss of 3.7% of belly fat of participants over a time frame of 5 years, without making any other dietary changes or without exercising.

Again, another review brought to light that an increase in intake of fiber reduced hunger pangs and promoted feeling of fullness. The review showed that increasing 14 grams of intake of fiber every day lowered calorie intake by 10%.

Studies also showed that consuming fiber was linked to weight loss of almost 4.4 pounds in 4-month timeframe.

This means that you need to include vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts and whole grains among other fiber-rich foods in your daily diet so that you can boost your fat burning process.

If you increase your intake of fiber on a daily basis, you will observe loss in body fat as well as decrease in calorie intake.

#6 Opt For High-Intensity Interval Training Or HIIT

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is another exercise form that combines quick activity bursts with recovery periods that are short so that the heart rate remains elevated. According to studies, HIIT has the potential to effectively burn body fat while promoting weight loss.

A particular study on young male adults performing HIIT 3 times a week for 20 minutes each day showed that these men on an average lost 4.4 pounds of fat in 12 weeks, without changing their lifestyle or diet.

These individuals also lost 17% of their belly fat along with a prominent decrease along their waist circumference.

HIIT also has the potential to burn a lot of calories within a short time period in comparison to other cardio forms.

A study on individuals performing HIIT showed that these individuals burned up 30% extra calories by engaging in HIIT as compared to other exercise forms like jogging or cycling within the same time frame.

You can start your HIIT routine by alternating between sprinting or jogging and walking for at least 30 seconds at one time. Other options include cycling between workouts such as push-ups, squats or burpees with a rest period that is considerably short.

#7 Say NO To Refined Carbs


An effective way to lose additional body fat is by lowering your refined carbs intake. When refined grains are processed, they lose their germ and bran, which results in a product low in nutrients and fiber.

Additionally, refined carbs may contain a higher level of glycemic index that can result in crashes and a spike in your blood sugar level, which eventually makes you hungrier.

According to studies consuming refined carbs in high amount may result in increase in belly fat.

But if you consume a whole-grain-rich diet your body mass index will lower and so will your body weight; it will also decrease your waist circumference.

A study conducted on 2834 individuals revealed that those individuals who consumed more refined carbs in their diet had the tendency to develop belly fat (disease-promoting), but those who included whole grains in their diet had the tendency to develop lower amount of belly fat.

To get the most out of your food, cut down on refined carb intake such, which comes from processed foods, pastries, breakfast cereals, pasta and white bread. Instead opt for whole grains like quinoa, barley, oats and buckwheat.

#8 Make Sure Your Diet Is Rich In Protein


To lower your appetite as well as burn a lot of body fat, you should consider including a good amount of protein in daily diet. Multiple studies reveal that consuming top-quality protein can effectively decrease the chances of developing belly fat.

A study brought to light that a diet rich in protein can efficiently contribute towards preserving metabolism and muscle mass at the time of weight loss.

Increasing the intake of protein can also make you feel fuller, lowering your appetite while reducing the intake of calories so that your weight loss process is enhanced.

To make the fat burning process faster, you will need to include high-protein foods in daily diet. Such high-protein foods include seafood, meat, dairy products, legumes and eggs.

Consuming more protein will preserve the muscle mass and lower your chances of belly fat as well as appetite, which in turn, will help you with your weight loss.

#9 Get More Sleep


Waking up early in the morning or hitting the sack earlier than your usual time can enhance fat burning process as well as prevent any weight gain.

There are several studies that have successfully associated proper sleep with weight loss.

According to a study conducted on 68,183 women revealed that those individuals who slept for 5 or fewer hours every night for 16 years had the tendency to gain more weight than those individuals who slept for more than 7 hours every night.

One other study revealed that improved sleep quality as well as sleeping for 7 hours in the least every night increase the chances of successfully losing weight by at least 33% in approximately 245 women, who had participated in a 6-month program for weight loss.

There are also other researches that highlight that any lack in sleep may causer alteration in hunger hormones as well as increase in appetite along with a greater risk of becoming obese.

Despite the fact that each individual’s sleep required are different, majority of the studies show that sleeping for at least 7 hours every night can benefit the body in terms of body weight.

Make sure that you maintain a regular schedule for sleep and limit caffeine intake before going to bed. Also, keep your association with electronic devices to a minimum prior to sleeping at night.

All this will contribute towards a healthy and beneficial sleep cycle.

In Conclusion

There is no shortage of options that are available for helping you lose excess body fat for improving your overall health.

It is however, important that you incorporate a few healthy lifestyle changes and habits into your day-to-day routine so that the effectiveness of your weight loss regimen is visible at a faster rate. Remember that a minor change in your lifestyle has the potential to positively affect your fat burning process.

And finally, combine your daily active lifestyle with a well-rounded and nutritious diet so that you can bring in an overall improvement in your health.

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